100% Nature-Derived Hand Soap That’s Effective Against Bacteria & Viruses

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Did you know? Studies find that properly washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds is effective in
killing germs on one’s hands. This makes it one of the primary defenses any person has
to live a healthy, active life safe from diseases.

Now, more than ever, frequent handwashing with soap is one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). At home, I make sure that I have hand soap in all our bathrooms and kitchen to make handwashing easy for my family. I also prefer liquid hand soap that is all-natural, moisturizing and effective in killing bacteria and viruses. I know. It’s a lot of requirements but what can I say, I’m picky. Haha! That’s why I’m so glad I discovered an amazing new product! Ladies and gentlemen, presenting…

DR.COCO Natural Hand Soap

DR. COCO Hand Soap DR. COCO kills, not just removes, 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including coronaviruses. It also continues to protect from 99% of bacteria for up to 4 hours after hand washing! Wow!


DR.COCO Natural Hand Soap is the first and only 100% Nature-Derived Hand Soap in the Philippines that has solid clinical proof of its anti-bacterial and anti-viral efficacy. It kills, not just removes, 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including coronaviruses. Best of
all, it delivers on this clinically-proven cleansing abilities using natural ingredients.

Good hand washing is the first line of defense against the spread of illnesses, including coronavirus (COVID-19). When you wash your hands, you protect yourself from germs. You also protect people in your family. And with the coronavirus, when you stop the spread of germs at home, you protect people in the community too.

Why I Like DR. COCO Hand Soap:

It’s 100% nature-derived! DR. COCO takes the term “natural” to heart. Compared to other products that claim to be natural but only contain up to 50% natural ingredients, over 90% of DR. COCO’s ingredients are derived from one of the healthiest natural products from the Philippines: the coconut. The balance ingredients are made of other premium natural materials. That means one can be assured that DR. COCO does not contain harsh, synthetic, or crude-oil derived ingredients commonly found in hand soaps today.

Effective in killing bacteria and viruses but also moisturizing. DR.COCO is the first and only hand soap in the market made with CocoMCT® (medium chain triglycerides) the most essential component of coconut oil. Not only does CocoMCT® act as a natural moisturizer, it also has proven anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. CocoMCT® is compatible with the natural lipids found in the hands, allowing it to easily go beneath the skin’s surface, and continuously pamper the skin even with repeated use.

I love the scents! DR. COCO Hand Soap has two variants: Green Tea (smells light and fresh) and Natural Lavender (calming and floral but not overtly)

DR. COCO, a brand new locally-made hand soap, looks to elevate the handwashing experience for Filipinos everywhere.

Try it!

DR. COCO Hand Soap in Green Tea and Natural Lavender

Where to buy:

For more information about the product, check their official website. Available in Mercury Drug, Watsons, Landmark, South Supermarket, and Unimart, Lazada & Shopee

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