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Fall/Winter Collection is my fave! They’re so pretty and fierce! This is the time that the rustic colors of the earth or classic neutrals take center stage, so classy, sophisticated, and feminine!

This is why I absolutely adore Diane Von Furstenberg’s Fall/Winter Collection! Miss Von Furstenberg knows everything about femininity, and she takes this expertise with some daring splash of color here and there and kick-ass styling. This year, she adds up a fabulously femme wrap dress, and the fashion flair of “Boots Anson Roa” (read: boots, haha)!

Wrap dresses, who doesn’t love them? It’s a great dress that works with most body shapes! It cinches the waist and elongates the neckline, makes a woman feel even more feminine. DVF puts in her trademark prints in geometric design, which can work great under tailored blazers too! Perfect for the cold weather fashion principle: layer, layer, layer! OK, in our case, piling on tissue-like fabrics.

Girls and gheys we may not have winter, but we have our rainy/cool “ber” months! This is a great time to get your cue from the Fall/Winter collection without going overboard (ehem…no boots and fur combo…uhm, ayaw ni Maureen Disini n’yan! LOL)

Fall must-haves: a wrap dress and boots!

Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg “Tindra” dolman sleeve V-neck dres

Diane Von Furstenberg “Tunisa” belted dress

Diane Von Frustenberg is exclusively available at Rustan’s

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