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The family that shoots together, stays together!

Tom and I worked on the France lookbook for googoo&gaga, a children’s wear collection by AJ and Audrey Dimarucot. They partnered up with one of my good friends, Angelique Villaraza-Dominici, who is now based in Paris. They just launched in Paris earlier this July in a trade show called Playtime Paris, and get this – Googoo&gaga is the ONLY Filipino brand (yet) to make it to the Playtime series, in THE fashion capital of the world! Wow!

We had the pleasure of shooting the pictures for their new French version website, Baby Dylan and Aryanna were both in the photoshoot along with the cutest little rugrats, including the Dimarucot kids! It was so much fun styling them with googooandgaga’s trademark adorable onesies, the sweetest tiny dresses, and colorful kid’s shirts! Check out the photos and the clothes! Super kyooot!

Playtime Paris is an international trade show dedicated to the children’s universe and maternity wear. Each Playtime season in Paris, Tokyo, and New York is set to a new theme that forms the basis and inspiration for the season’s shows. Between crises and recoveries, doubts and hopes, wishes and needs, the necessity of finding new ways to reflect changing ideas and demands has become ever more evident. The “Let’s be adventurous” spirit is the basis for display of the collections, exhibitions and events of this year’s Playtime series.

My friend Angelique Villaraza-Dominici moved to France to complete a Masters in Luxury Brand Management. She used to handle L’Oreal Professionnel in the Philippines. Ange used to commission Tom and I for some of L’Oreal Professionnel’s local campaigns and PR. We were very happy that she asked us to work with her again on her new venture! Congrats, Ange!

My friend Angelique Villaraza-Dominici and her beautiful family: Michel and baby Giuliano

The googoo&gaaa booth at Playtime Paris was designed by Filipino interior designer, Ito Kish.

AJ wrote in his blog:

“We are holding our breath as July 2 peeks around the corner. The date, of course, will see the opening of the biggest and most meticulously edited children’s fair in the industry! Thanks to our partner, Angelique, in France (more about her on our next post), she has put together only the best creative teams and geniuses for the googoo&gaga launch in Playtime Paris — a dream we have only prayerfully envisioned, but she has so expertly orchestrated.

First up is the husband and wife, world class photographer and stylist team of Tom and Jenni Epperson. Nothing can go wrong with Tom and Jenni handling children’s brands like ours. They have kids of their own and know, by heart, how to treat them in photoshoots. Photos may be available on the Playtime Paris site following the launch.”

The shoot brief: Nonchalant Chic

The photos of Tom shot for googoo&gaga, France are exclusively for Paris release only. To view more of the photos we worked on, please visit www.googoo&

Behind the scenes with the Eppersons:

Playtime with “Dada”

Mr. Roboto and Baby Borris

Here’s Aryanna struggling how to fix her hair to show the design of the T-shirt. LOL

Ichigo style

Congratulations to Ange and Googoo&gaga!

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  1. I love the modern cameo … logo of your new website. And also the Live Style tagline. Thank you for helping us out, and I look forward to reading about your new projects this year … I know there’s a few more lined up 🙂 All my best.

  2. Jenni, would it be possible to get the Painted Roses short-sleeved t-shirt from Googoo & Gaga by courier? Am enamored with the t-shirt design. Let me know. Thanks!

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