What’s in My Bag?

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It’s a sunny Wednesday morning in Lagen Island, El Nido Resort, Palawan!

The Nivea Sun crew has organized some fun activities for us to de-stress and enjoy the sun.

What’s in My Bag?

Clockwise: OM Yoga Mat, made by Luntian Bags; Insect Repelant Spray & Yoga Mat Spray; Nivea Sun rash guard; Juice Boxx Solar Powerbank (has a solar panel that allows you to charge the device itself using only the sun); Nivea Sun Blogger I.D.; Nivea Sun canvass bag; The Lash Bar Eyelash Extensions Salon gift check

Roxy “Palm Island” 2-piece bathing suit from Primer Group of Companies

I’m ready to embrace the sun!

Tune in for more of my island escapade!

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