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Here’s the secret to upgrading your look without ripping your pockets: Think B.

“B” as in Beauty, Brains, and Budget!

A book by Thebeautybrains.com entitled “Can You Get Hooked on Lip Balm” blew my mind when I found out a few important facts:

1. Salon Products are not necessarily better than the product you can buy in the store!
2. Some of the most expensive cosmetics are made by the same companies who make the less expensive brands, most of the time using the same formulas and ingredients!
3. You do not need to spend a luxury on products to look and feel good!

From the creators of www.thebeautybrains.com “Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm” Top Cosmetic Scientists Answer Your Questions About The Lotions, Potions and Other Beauty Products You Use Every Day

A lot of girls out there think that creams and lotions in salons are better than what you find in drugstore shelves. Well apparently it’s not always true!

And what a relief, because for as much as I like buying luxury beauty brands, I get a kick from my drugstore beauty finds. Who can resist their shelves of colorful bottles, and of course all that “Discounted” and “Buy One Take One” signs! Haha!

Watsons have several beauty lines that will really surprise you. Body Treats have everything from shampoo to body sprays, and Bare Essentials have facial wash and cream sets to anti-wrinkle patches!


THE BEST DRUGSTORE FIND! Moisturizing makeup remover, Perfect Cleansing Liquid

MUST-HAVE: Vaseline Lip Therapy

Ladies, always remember that beauty cannot be bought. It’s really brains and practicality that can make it possible. Anyone can be gorgeous even with a small budget.

Oh, “B” is also for bongga!

Order the book now from from National Book Store and visit Watsons for inexpensive beauty products!

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  1. oh i also love watson’s! btw, does the perfect cleansing liquid remove waterproof mascara? i haven’t decided yet which one to get, the cleansing oil or this one?

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