Unboxing: Huawei Mate 7

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Huawei introduced it’s latest addition to the Ascend D series —the Mate7. I attended the launch at the new and swanky Valkery Club, The Palace BCG.

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Time to unbox the new Huawei Mate7! Let’s do it!!!

I see gold…

Say goodbye password with Huawei Mate7’s one touch fingerprint sensor. Just touch the sensor, located conveniently on the back of the smartphone and your Mate7 recognizes your fingerprint, awakening instantly without the need to unlock or press any other buttons. All fingerprint data registered on your Mate7 is encrypted and stored safely, which means that no third party can ever access your files. Any apps that contain sensitive information can also be locked and opened via the fingerprint sensor or by authorized users with Visitor Mode.

Camera power. A 13MP lens ensures sharp and detailed shots, while the 5MP front camera is perfect for enhanced video calling. With 1.2-second Ultra snapshot and low-light performance.

Skinny yet powerful. A huge FHD screen on an ultra-slim metal body that fits like a glove in one hand. In fact, thanks to its almost invisible bezel and high screen-to-body ratio, it’s noticeably more compact than other 6” screen smartphones.

Best feature. It is equipped with 4100mAh large capacity battery with a power saving technology that can give you up to 56 hours continuous battery life. HuWOWei!


To hear is to believe. Take your listening experience to the next level with advanced noise reducing earphones, powered directly from your Mate7. These headphones use active noise reduction technology to block out background sound and provide an immersive and crystal-clear audio experience for music, movies, and calls.

It comes with all the standard accessories and a free phone case. Cool.

Open sesame! Huawei Mate7 comes with a much-needed pin to easily unlock the sim card compartment. Yaaaaaas!

Power up. The Huawei Mate7 boasts an octa-core architecture, featuring an intelligent Kirin 925 processor for better power management. It also saves up to 50 percent of the battery by automatically using smaller A7 cores to power standard apps, and with the larger A15 processors kicking in during high-performance use such as gaming. Ideal for the most important things, like multi-tasking or enjoying your favorite 3D games or videos for longer.

Agawan dot com!! Because of Huawei Mate7’s amazing battery life and big screen, my son Dylan wants to play with it too haha!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, check out Huawei Mate7 now!

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