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I’ve been meaning to blog about this for months but couldn’t because the company had to build their website first. Read on.

It all started a few months ago while I was having lunch at LRI’s Room Upstairs. After eating a delicious meal, I decided to have coffee. On their menu: coffee with tea cookies. Sounded perfect so I ordered it.

“Lunch: Mango Walnut Salad. Mmm… #dietstartsnow”

But before that, while having my lunch, I couldn’t help but overhear a couple having a meeting with a business consultant. I wasn’t eavesdropping. Honest. The place was tiny so you could hear everyone. Basically, the couple was frustrated with their business. I overheard the husband say, “she [his wife] has great products, we just need to get people to try it!”

What product was he talking about? I had no idea until…

Waiter arrives with my coffee and tea cookies…

Waiter: “Here’s your coffee and tea cookies, ma’am.”
Me: “Thank you.”

At this point, the “husband” stands up and peaks at my order. I see him do this from the corner of my eye…

Me: “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation, believe me, I wasn’t eavesdropping but… you guys were talking loud! Hahahahaha!
The “husband”: “I was just checking if you ordered the tea cookies.”
Me: “I did. Why?”
The “husband”: My wife made them!” *points at the woman beside him*
Me: “Oh! OK, I’ll try them.” *takes a bite* “Mmm…” *takes another bite* Mmm… SO GOOD! Really!”
The “wife”: “Thank you.”
Me: “Do you have a store? Can I order online?”
The “wife”: “We have a store but we’re in the process of doing a website.”
Me: “I love your cookies! Please let me know when your website is up, I have a blog and I would love to share it with my readers. ”
The “husband”: “Yeah! We’ll let you know!”

We exchanged numbers and they told me they would send me some cookies to try.

If you’re following me on Twitter, you might remember these:

“Nothing takes the edge off a busy Monday than tea cookies!”

“After a long and productive day, time to treat myself to some tea biscuits and chamomile tea. Night!”

“Stress relievers: tea and tea cookies”

“Coffee and biscotti at home with @tomepperson. How’s your Saturday?”

(Photos taken using Instagram)

The photos above were taken a few months ago. I thought the day would never come as I am excited to share with all of you one of the best tea cookies/cookies/bon bons my family has tried (believe me, we love cookies)!

Ladies, gentlemen, and gays, presenting…

The Russian Cookie House

Love the brocade packaging!

Perfect for Christmas

Classic Gourmet Cookies: (from left) Black Russians, White Almond, Linzer Schnitte or Torte, Pistacio, Jan Hagel Cookies, Bon bons, and White Russians

The perfect treats paired with tea or coffee

Bon bons

Vienna Fingers and Traditional Favorite Cookies

Mini Assortment

Our favorite!!!

Mini Pistachio Cookies

Black Russians

Best seller

European Selection

The story

“Gina Dejoras became a cookie connoisseur when she tasted her first Russian Cookie at the age of 12. Years later, after countless unsuccessful trips to bakeshops to relive that first “Russian” experience, she began to work her way through countless recipes to arrive at the Russian Cookie concoction she now has become known for among aficionados. By the early 90’s, she began baking the golf-ball shaped butter cookies and rapidly, what had started as a stately hobby, grew by word-of-mouth into a seasonal baking binge that saw many other products added to her original best-seller. Over time, the sizeable private and corporate client base that developed during the years of “home baking”, helped by a steadily growing product line, turned into the Russian Cookie House.”

It was serendipity that I met Gina and her husband. They seem like a happy and hardworking couple. It is my pleasure to help get the word to all my readers about their cookies as they are delicious!

Gina sent my family some Russian Cookie House goodies for the holiday and a copy of my book to sign. Thank you!

Like what I always say here in my blog, don’t just take my word for it, try the Russian Cookie House products.

Excuse me, I need to boil some water for tea… and eat some Russian Cookie House tea cookies!

Avoid the Christmas rush, order now!

To order, call (632) 216.0865, 0917.8952863 or visit Russian Cookie House’s website:

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  1. I first tried them back in 2009 when my friend gave me a whole box for Christmas! I love their Russian Cookies and Black Russians! So yummy! 😀

  2. Oh my gosh, Jenni! I was with you during the NAPBAS, although we haven’t officially met, I’m the red head in the PH group! Small world, my mom is the one who owns the business! Such a small world 🙂

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