The Real Hangover Cure

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DISCLAIMER: This post does not encourage alcoholism nor is it a promotion for alcohol.

You had a blast! What a celebration! It was a raving success! Chances are your head has been splitting like crazy, you don’t recall anything about last night, your stomach overturns with queasiness at every slight scent, and you feel like throwing up for the nth time. Not everyone has alcohol immunity. To most, the effects of alcohol can be downright draining.

Tomato juice, ginger slices, coffee, a big fat burger might not do the trick. Instead of quick fixes, try this treatment: LifeScience Center for Wellness and Preventive Medicine’s Alcohol Detoxifying Therapy.

According to Dr. Ben Valdecañas, M.D., this IV therapy was designed to correct ethanol toxicity level that results from drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Hangover symptoms are results of ethanol toxicity affecting the neurologic (brain) and metabolic (liver) functions.

Dr. Ben monitoring my IV

As part of the health package Tom and I got at Lifescience, we had to try it the day after dinner and drinks with friends.

Tom and I were ushered to a posh cubicle with an entertainment system, a big comfy chair and magazines to read.

Brought my laptop and worked a bit on my blog. While on IV. With one hand. Uhm, not a good idea.

One of the sosy rooms where we got our drip.

It only take 3 hours to finish the drip. It was amazing! Tom and I felt 99% better!

Mine might have been a two-star hangover and Tom a three-star but my friend Preview Lifestyle Editor Jae Pickrell’s (who visited the center as soon as she heard about this) six-star one was over in less than 3 hours! Not only will it cure a hangover, this therapy also has properties.

According to Jae’s Instagram post: “Busted by @jenniepperson ambling into Life Science with one of my epic, debilitating hangovers. I tried their Alcohol Detox IV Therapy and am all sorts of amazed. I’m usually almost in a coma the entire day after a night of hard drinking, like I seriously can’t even move, but now I’m up and at 99% after the intravenous treatment, which replenishes lost nutrients and electrolytes and helps your liver metabolize alcohol faster. So glad for this hangover cure! I mean really, the effect was instantaneous.”


If you have a mean hangover and you need a cure ASAP, book an appointment at Lifescience. By doing so, you lessen the time (you’ll instantly feel a difference in less than an hour) of feeling like crap, overeating and being dehydrated. I’m glad that this treatment is now available!

Don’t ask me how much it costs as Tom and I got a total health package. For more info, call Lifescience.

Lifescience is located at the 8th floor, Accra Law Tower, 2nd Avenue Corner 30th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Tel no.: +632 828-LIFE (5433) Mobile no.: +63917 573-LIFE. Operating Hours: 7am – 8pm, Monday to Saturday

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