Summer Must: Laser Hair Removal

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Can I just say, I swear by laser hair removal! This treatment is probably one of the best treatments I’ve had! If there’s one thing I regret, it’s not having it done earlier in my life. I could’ve spared myself from the hassle of shaving and plucking. I would’ve also avoided skin irritation due to waxing. Aray.

In this day and age, every modern woman has heard of or tried laser hair removal. But there are still some “laser-phobes” who avoid it, afraid of even the slightest sting from such procedures. Facial Care Centre now gives women the ultimate comfort and convenience of never having to worry about their unwanted hair again, with a new procedure that promises to be more pain-free (YAY!) than any other laser hair removal procedure.

Summer’s best accessory: Smooth skin

Did you know? In 1999, Facial Care Centre was the first to launch LaserLight hair removal in the country. Laserlight is a breakthrough technology that uses the power of laser to permanently disable the hair follicle and stop the regrowth of new hair all over – on the legs, underarms, arms, upper lip and bikini area. The LaserLight procedure is virtually painless, easy and convenient even for busy women. Over the years, clients of LaserLight have been extremely satisfied with the long-term results of the procedure, as it not only removes unwanted hair, it also helps prevent skin irritations, ingrown hair, chicken skin, razor cuts and even the darkening effect of chemicals and skin trauma – all of which are consequences of old hair removal methods like waxing, shaving and tweezing.

Level up:

And just when you thought laser hair removal couldn’t get any better, Facial Care Centre also has the new and improved innovation in laser hair removal – the LaserLight Soprano!

New & improved: Laserlight Soprano

Faster and painless:

With the LaserLight Soprano, the process of laser hair removal is even faster and more painless than ever before. Using InMOTION Technology™, LaserLight Soprano uses sweeping, paintbrush strokes that cover a wider treatment area on the skin, avoiding any skipped or missed spots which is common in other types of hair removal. This also lessens discomfort by 50%! Clients who have tried Laserlight Soprano describe the procedure as comfortable as a hot stone massage.

Uhm, that is not me in the photo. Promise. Haha!

Dr. Shyla Valdez of Facial Care Centre explains: “The Laserlight machine of Facial Care Centre has been proven effective in solving unsightly hair problems, but with Laserlight Soprano, clients can experience a hair removal process that’s suitable for even the most sensitive skin, and pain-free for those who find it extremely difficult to tolerate even the slight sensations of laser procedures that most people usually find bearable.”

The good news:

For people with low pain thresholds, who may have feared undergoing laser procedures in the past especially on more sensitive parts of the body, such as their bikini area. Laserlight Soprano guarantees comfort and ease during treatment.

Hassle-free life:

Laserlight Soprano can treat virtually any area with unwanted hair, and it is especially effective in zapping stubborn follicles that are difficult to remove with other laser hair removal machines. It treats a wider range of skin types and also works significantly well with fine hair compared to other lasers. The results are smooth, hair-free skin – and a lot more free time on your hands!

Imagine life without the hassle of shaving, tweezing, using hair removal creams and waxing – ever again! Experience the future of laser hair removal at Facial Care Centre!

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