The Epperson’s Easter Egg Hunt

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When my daughter Aryanna was growing up, Tom and I would organize Easter egg hunts at home. Sometimes we involved our staff or the kids from our neighborhood but most of the time just family. Tom is the master of leaving clues (and making it difficult too. Pahirapaaan?!) and all of us would have a fun time looking for the hidden Easter eggs!

Now that Aryanna has a sibling, she wanted to be the one organizing the egg hunt for her ‘lil bro Dylan. Too sweet!


Aryanna shopped for chocolates, candies and mini toys for Dylan (and I’m sure for herself too. Hmm…)


These plastic Easter eggs are probably four years old! We just recycle them and store after use.



The grand prize is the gargantuan Cadbury chocolate egg inside the gargantuan clear plastic Easter egg!



Let the Easter egg games begin!



Someone’s happy 🙂


This is the only time when counting the eggs in your basket is a good thing, haha!


Dylan: “Thank you, Aryanna! You’re the best sister in the whole wide world!” *kiss with feelings*

Family traditions don’t have to cost any money and they don’t have to be elaborate. For me, the main ingredients in a family tradition are fun and togetherness. Saying goodbye with a hug and a kiss every day before you walk out the door is a simple family tradition.

Traditions need to be fun and need to repeat themselves normally on a set schedule. For instance, game board night, you have a taco dinner weekly, or you celebrate an occasion yearly. Repetition is what makes a fun event into a tradition.

Dylan can’t wait for his next Easter egg hunt and according to Tom, he’s getting involved. Oh my.

What’s your favorite family tradition?

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