The Easiest Way To Achieve No-Makeup Makeup

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The temperature yesterday was predicted to hit a high of 41°C. It didn’t happen, it was about 33-35°C but it was still freakin’ HOT!!! #laputchina

When it’s hot and humid, the last thing you want to do is to slather makeup on your face. But how does one look human in this weather without piling up rouge on the face? The answer: Go for the no-makeup makeup look.

Contrary to popular belief, it takes effort to achieve the no-makeup makeup look. It involves a lot of blending and that takes time. The fastest and easiest way to achieve the au naturel look is to use makeup that has low-pigment and has a sheer finish to begin with.


Here are my suggestions on what makeup to get this summer to keep you looking and feeling fresh:


Perricone MD | No Makeup Skincare

You have no idea how excited I was to use this makeup line! I’ve read and heard great reviews about Dr. Perricone’s No Makeup Skin Care. I started using the collection a few days ago and I love the results!


No Makeup Makeup Foundation

What is it: Formulated with Alpha Lipoic Acid, this original cult favorite instantly diffuses imperfections, corrects skin undertones and minimizes the appearance of fine line and pores over time.

What it does: Makeup infused skincare and SPF 30. Delivers luminous sheer coverage and imparts a dewy, glowing complexion. Corrects skin undertones and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores.

How to use: Dr. Perricone recommends applying evenly with your fingertips and blending product in circular motions. Can be re-applied as necessary to build desired coverage.

Why I love it: It’s makeup that’s good for your skin! It has a perfect semi-matte finish, light coverage (more coverage and less shiny finish compared to tinted moisturizers) that evens out my skin tone while delivering powerful anti-aging benefits and sun protection. The promise of “no makeup, makeup” look is believable. It’s my new everyday makeup.

Tip: In my opinion, the purpose of foundation is not, in fact, to cover up every square inch of your face—it’s really only supposed to be used on the areas where you need it. Think: the redness around your nose/chin, the darkness underneath your eyes, the random rogue blemishes that you’ve been fighting by night but need to conceal by day. Use your finger to dab (not swipe) the No Foundation Foundation in areas that need more coverage. Also, apply a primer before putting on the foundation to manage sweat.


Perricone MD | No Concealer Concealer – Light coverage but does the trick to achieve natural-looking skin.


Perricone MD | No Blush Blush – Nice naturally flushed-looking cheeks achieved. My daughter Aryanna is always using this! Ugh.


Perricone MD | No Bronzer Bronzer – Perfect for summer!


Perricone MD | No Mascara Mascara – Very light and opens up the peepers beautifully without the gunky finish.


Shu Uemura Spring/Summer Collection

Shu Uemura has broken all boundaries in color creation. It founder’s holistic philosophy: “beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin” is the driving force in making skincare and beauty products that highlight the skin. When it comes to adding colors to my no-makeup make look, this is my go-to brand.


Laque Supreme Shimmer

What is it: “Laque Supreme lip gloss is paired with ultra-fine crystal pearls to sparkle up your day. The new lustrous texture with gold and silver pearls in the lip gloss creates a one-of-a-kind shimmery finish with a dimensional effect on your lips.”

Why I love it: It adds high impact color and shimmer to your lips but since it’s a lip gloss, your lips won’t awkwardly stark.

Tip: Kylie Jenner just launched her Kylie Lip Kit Gloss (foget it, it’s almost impossible to buy them) and you know what that means… Lip gloss will be the new matte lips! Buy the Shu Uemura Laque Supreme Shimmer now as they are readily available and just as fab!


Shu Uemura Drawing Crayon

What is it: “Do-it-all eye shadow liners in soft and defining shades.”

Why I love it: Although this is supposed to be used as an eye-liner or eye shadow, I use it as an eye highlighter. It’s the coolest (and easiest too, just draw a dot on the corners of you eyes and smudge it. It’s a crayon—that’s the only way you can get the level of control you need to put the right amounts exactly where they need to go.) way to wear highlighter at the inner corners of her eyes! The effect has an ethereal quality giving delicate eyes, like you might burst into tears at any moment. Chic French tears. LOL


Shu Uemura Pastel Pressed Eye Shadow, limited edition

What is it: “The pearly texture has a silky shimmer of light for luminous radiance. These limited-edition eye shadow colors are carefully curated to represent the pastel look perfect for Spring/Summer.”

Why I love it: No-makeup makeup doesn’t mean no color allowed, when it comes to adding color to my face and still looking natural, Shu Uemura pressed Eye Shadow does the trick. A touch of lavender or pastel pink on the lids gives you that fresh look. This Pastel Collection is sold for a limited time only so get them while in stock!

Get used to the barely-there makeup for a youthful look. You’ll thank me for it!

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