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I traded off meeting fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker for financial whiz Suze Orman’s talk. Who am I? Haha!

Growing up, I was always geared to the arts. Even when I was in college, I wasn’t interested in any business courses or subjects. I just wanted to hone my artistic talents and avoided anything math-related. Big mistake. Looking back, I should have at least taken basic accounting. Thank God I took a business program in Asian Institute of Management (AIM) because that helped me a bit.

I had some financial pitfalls when I was single. Good thing I always made a good living and if not for the business books I’ve read, I would have had major money problems.

Thanks, too, to my husband, Tom, he whipped me in financial shape quick! Because of him, I learned how to budget and invest my money and more importantly save! It’s a balancing act because I like shopping. Alam na.

When I found out that Suze (pronounced as su-zee) Orman was giving a talk in Manila, I knew I had to listen to her.

Thanks to Resorts World’s hunk (naks!) Kevin Tan, he gave me his corporate seats to watch the show! I love you, Kevin!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ganda ng Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World!

Check out Kevin Tan’s box in Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World, so clazz.

I don’t want my daughter to make the same financial mistakes as me so I brought her with me.


Kevin gave me 8 tickets but because it was a last minute request, I only found two other friends to go with us. Say hi to Anton and Van!

Because of the leather Lazy-Boy seats, I believe that Champagne was in order. Grabe! Hindi pa nagsisimula yung talk, gumastos na ako! LOL

Sorry Suze but, you can’t put a price on taste. CHAR!!!

Eto na s’ya!!!

Suze Orman made it to the Forbes 2013’s list of most influential celebrities with her staunch supporter, Oprah Winfrey topping the list.

“People first, then money, then things” is the mantra of most celebrated financial whiz, Suze Orman. It was her most quotable of quotes of the night, this goes beyond being just a saying. With her very evident one-of-a-kind passion to help people by giving them straight-to-the-point financial advices.

Suze Orman gave honest advices with utmost sincerity and simplicity during her talk. With her awe-inspiring life story in my mind and as I listened to her uplifting talk at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila sponsored by BPI, I was motivated to do what she does so well – sharing with you what I have learned…

Suze’s Top Tips for Financial Success:

1. Remember: Money’s goal is to provide you with what you and your family need.
2. Live below your means.
3. Pay off credit card debts.
4. Save up! At least 10% of your total income.
5. Invest on mutual fund.
6. It’s better to have your money in the bank than not at all.
7. It’s all about feeling secure.

Mental note: According to Suze, buy what you need, not what you want. The gauge as to when you can afford something is if you have eight times the amount of what the price of what you want to buy is  in your bank account.

Ex. If you want to buy a bag for P10,000, you should have at least P80,000 in your bank account. This will allow you to feel secure.

She stressed that that money is security. Whatever you decide to buy or invest in, you have to feel secure and happy with that decision. Otherwise it’s not worth it.

Grabe! Ang girapey naman! Paano na si Tom Ford? Kidding aside, I believe that if we want security for ourselves and for our family, it’s best to keep our finances always in check. Save! Save! Save! Or make more money — I believe that both are doable.

With everything considered, one of the best things I learned is to put me, myself and moi first (and my family of course) over and above everything else! People first – always!

Now, let’s balance those checkbooks!

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  1. Sayang yung ibang tickets mo! haha. But really wise, this Suze Orman. There should be a personal finance course for all college students.

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