Sunday Vibes

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It rained last night and I woke up to a cloudy Sunday morning. For as much as I love waking up to a bright sunrise, there is something romantic about gloomy weather days. It makes you want to snuggle next to you loved one or your favorite fluffy pillow.

Sunday vibes at Maison Epperson:

Petals in the patio


I’m loving the rain water and pink roses on top of our glass picnic table.

Morning reading


Overcast days makes me daydream more of our future summer home.

Fallen leaves


We’re done laying the pavers in our courtyard. It’s become nature’s catch-alls.

Lush greens


The summer rains have been such a blessing to our plants and trees!

Stop cruelty and start loving animals.

The Yulin dog-eating (cats too!) festival must stop now! #StopYulin2015 by signing the petition! It will only take 30 seconds of your time to save the dogs and cats lives. Sign here.

IMG_6639 copy

Look who woke up early too! We love our border collie pup Q (inspired by the James Bond)! She’s playful and super smart. You cannot eat her.

Wishing all the dads a Happy Father’s Day! May you have a joyful and meaningful celebration!

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