Sunday Staples: Stay In

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When I used to go out a lot, Sundays were usually for nursing hangovers. Now that I have a two-year old, weekends are spent at home doing absolutely nothing. I love it!

I’m super busy juggling family and fashion during the week so, it’s all about slowdown Sunday today.

Stay in staples:

1st row: all-day pajama day; coffee to give life; milk is for cereals, pancakes, and paired with cookies

2nd row: Perrier Lemon is my softdrink; brunch = steak and eggs; fresh OJ to brighten my day

3rd row: a good book; everyday should be a cupcake day; magazine reading time

Before I fade into our “Marshmallow Palace”, I must attend to my family duties:

(Photo taken using Instagram)

(Photo taken using Instagram)

(Photo taken using Instagram)

Have a restful and happy Sunday everyone!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what are your Sunday staples?


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