Sunblock & Suntan Lotion Round-Up

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I’ve gone back to swimming for two reasons: first, it used to be one of my sports. Second, it’s too hot to really do any other kind of exercises. At least with swimming, even if you sweat, you don’t really feel it.


I got a Health Club membership in Marriott Manila. I alternate swimming and lifting weights in the gym. This is where I get some work and workout done.

I’ve learned from my mistakes in my youth on the importance of sunblock (I have sun spots to prove it). Gone are the days when I used to douse my skin in olive oil (I know, it literally cooked me. Ew.) and bake endlessly under the harsh UV’s. These days, I’m all about skin-protection.


Flawless Skin Protect Mist with SPF 70. I was given several cans of this mist during their product launch. They also got my daughter Aryanna to host the event so we both researched and tried the products.

What I like about it: It features a 360-degree spray system for your ultimate skin protection from harmful UV rays. What I like about it is that it’s easy to apply and leaves no white marks when applied. I usually use this as extra protection on top of my liquid sunblock after I do laps in the pool.

Sunplay Super Block SPF130 PA+++. I bought this in Watson’s during their Swap & Save event. I read the product description in the packaging and I was impressed that it had 3 in 1 protection: Anti-UV (Superior Photo Stability), Anti-Aging and Anti-Dryness (Intense Hydration). I’m so glad I bought it as it really is an amazing product! My husband who is Caucasian and has the type of skin than gets sunburned immediately swears by this!

What I like about it: I like using it on my face and neck as it’s light, non-greasy, and protects and hydrates my skin. I’ve also recommended this product to some of my mommy friends!

Nivea Kids Swim & Play Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+. I always have this in my bag especially since both my children are sporty and active.

What I like about it: I like the mild formula and lasting protection (4 hours). And since it’s always in my bag, I also end up using it for myself.

Lush Sesame Suntan Lotion. Obviously, I don’t use this for swimming as it has only low SPF 10. This is what I use when I want to get some color (just lounging by the pool during late afternoon).

What I like about it: I like the sumptuous, toasted sesame seed lotion. I read that the sesame oil and walnut leaf infusion help in increasing the skin’s melanin production – its natural reaction to sun exposure – which means it will actually help you to tan. It also contains cocoa butter, aloe extract, and three broad-spectrum sunscreens to ensure that your skin stays protected, as well as smelling irresistible. Yum!

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