Staycation: Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, Part 2

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When you have children, staying in a hotel is not exactly pure relaxation. It’s about finding ways to occupy the kids so that Tom and I can get some peace and quiet. Parents know what I mean. We’re glad that Sofitel Manila has family-friendly amenities.

We had gorgeous weather the last time we stayed at Sofitel Manila so we took advantage and did fun stuff with the kids outdoor.

Check out the beautiful Manila Bay! It was a perfect day for a picnic.

I’ve heard horror stories about how the Bay used to stink and garbage floating. Thank God, we didn’t smell anything bad or see unwanted particles in the water. There was zero stench and the water was clear. Yay!

Nice day too for a swim

Tom on daddy mode. Time to Instax!

The life of a 3-year old!

What’s up with the look, dahling? Haha!

Tom stayed with kids and played in the pool till they had prune fingers. I went back to the suite and wrapped myself in the softest bathrobe. The floral design reminded me of Prada’s F/W floral velvet coat.

My kids are very active. They’re the type that run outside or play sports in the park. It’s hard for them to stay put and just watch TV at home. Tom and I were happy to find out that Gymboree was inside Sofitel Manila. Aryanna and Dylan played for hours during their Free Play, twice a day during our stay at the hotel.

Shogod na si ate.

Time to chill out in the room.

Aryanna is such a great sister. She loves playing with Dylan. She made sure Dylan got to watch his favorite cartoons. She spoils him.

Dylan: Look, mom! I’m wearing your shoes!
Me: Be careful, dahling.
Dylan: It’s OK, mom. I like it! *walks around*
Me: OK, that’s enough. Those shoes are too big for you. You might trip on those.
Dylan: No, mom. I like it. *walks… trips… cries*

Ayan na nga ba sinasabi ko… Wawa naman si Dylan.

After the drama, my son proped himself on his favorite chaise lounge to watch cartoons. Sarap maging bata, mabilis maka-recover sa sakuna. LOL

Nothing like a box of raisins to heal a bruised chin and ego.

The beauty about staying in Sofitel Manila is that you get to watch the fireworks show by the Bay. The photo above was taken from our suite’s balcony. We were all in pajamas watching the Pyromusical Show. Awesome!

An Epperson tradition

Tom and I played tag team. It was my turn to entertain the kids while he watched UFC.

After UFC, it was my turn to watch GLEE with Sarah Jessica-Parker as guest. Woohoo!

Brunch at Sofitel, P2,900++. Dylan force feeding Aryanna mamon, priceless! LOL

Happy everyday

Both my boys love to run. Kakapagod!

Sunset at Sofitel

Tom and I love hanging out and playing with the kids but may hangganan — time for a couple’s massage at Sofitel’s Le Spa.

Le Spa is where worldwide ancient traditions meet the refinement and skill of the latest in French cosmetology to create Le SPA: an exhilarating and rejuvenating experience. Melt your stress away when staying at Sofitel Manila and book a massage. Le Spa is open daily from 8am to 12mn with 24-hour room service massages.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, tune in to part 3 of our Sofitel Manila staycation!

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila
CCP Complex
Roxas Boulevard
Pasay City Tel: (+632) 551-5555
Fax: (632) 551-5610

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  1. hi! i loved looking at your staycation pictures 🙂 i have twin boys who are both turning 4 next week and i can so relate that staycations are actually better than vacations when you have toddlers 🙂

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