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It’s been six months since I came out with my book Fashion + Food in National Book Store and I have yet to post all your wonderful messages and photos. I hope Twitter saved all the tweets and Twitpics I “favorited”.

I’ve been busy to say the least but rest assured that I got all you well-wishes and pictures.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Allow me to gush about Sharon Cuneta‘s tweet. I mean, who won’t get kilig getting a tweet like this from the Megastar???

Thank you, Shawie! So sweet!

My super fab friend Apples Aberin posted this on Instagram:

Lav et!!! Love you, Aps!

From: ‏@KristinaAdosto Hi @JenniEpperson! I can’t help but have my picture taken beside (cont)

From: @Gabbienator @JenniEpperson lookie who’s book is in our lounge at Hiwa Cerritos, Ca

From: ‏@PaulThePRGuy Got myself @JenniEpperson’s book for late night reading and (food) drooling… Awesome photos too!

From: @NikkiSPineda I love my new books and my iPad bag! Thank you @gedrocks ! Shout out to @jenniepperson , ill let you sign this wh

From: ‏@JoiBiatch @JenniEpperson: enjoying your book now!!!

From: ‏@S0cxy Pork Medallion with Balsamic Vinegar and Sweet Onions! Yummy! Thanks to @JenniEpperson ♥

From: ‏@IAmKBianca New book. @JenniEpperson

From: ‏@bebeLycah Hi ms. @JenniEpperson , here’s the pic you asked for and a link. thanks! 4give my plating. hehe

From: @patph81 Miss @JenniEpperson, are you really this tall? I saw your standee in NBS G5. 🙂

From: @Medzicles I will never forget the day that I met @JenniEpperson 🙂 She really inspires me!

Thanks to my friend DJ Marc Gueco for this!

From: ‏@marcgueco Look who’s on my TV screen @JenniEpperson Fashion+Food book launch.

I’ll be posting more of your photos this week. Tune in!

Grab a copy of my book “Fashion + Food: Entertaining at Home in Style” now at all National Book Store and Powerbooks branches nationwide!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, keep on tagging me on Twitter and Instagram for all your photos and I’ll blog them! Thanks!

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