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Here’s one of my new favorite beauty products! It’s definite way to instantly pick up that dull skin on very haggard-o Verzosa days.

Try The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Plus facial radiance capsules. Basically, I use these caps to revitalize my skin. Not edible. Para sa mukha ito! Pop the pill open and put the serum on your face! Its Antioxidant Vitamin C helps your skin produce collagen, improving elasticity and protecting you from pollution and other skin aggressors. Brazil Nut Oil also helps moisten and soften your skin.

Tip: Use it an hour before bedtime so that the serum gets absorbed by the skin and not by your pillow! Haha!

The Body Shop Vitamin C Plus Capsules come in a little glass pot that contains 28 capsules. Twist off neck part of the capsule to squeeze out the serum.

Stop masking your dull skin with foundation. Like the old saying goes, beauty is from within, so get some nutrients flowing into your pores and show off a beautiful smile! It will work wonders!

Remember: Freshness is next to gorgeousness!

Get into the pill popping habit (the safe and beautiful kind) now!

Again, Do. Not. Ingest. This. Pill.

Available at The Body Shop

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  1. Hallo miss jenni 🙂 Is Vitamin C Plus different from vitamin c radiance? I just want to clarify because i might get confused. First time i’ll try to put on something like this. Thank you and more power!

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