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Facial Care Centre’s ReFirme is one of my favorite facial treatments. It’s an amazing innovation in skincare technology, brilliantly developed to give an “instant facelift” to the skin, but without the surgical incisions, anesthesia, pain and downtime. It uses electro-optical synergy (ELOS) technology to safely treat the skin by firming droops and sags, and giving the skin a brighter, much healthier complexion.

You know you love it: Imagine going for a 45-minute treatment during your lunch break or before a big event for an immediate glow!Busy women appreciate the fact that a ReFirme treatment won’t interfere with their packed schedules, since they can leave the centre right after a treatment with no post-treatment healing to worry about.

Best part: ReFirme can be seen after the first treatment. One can even try the ReFirme “half-face technique,” by having ReFirme done on one half of the face first. It lets you see the immediate difference – an instant lift and change in skin texture.

It’s definitely a must-try for women who want to look at least 5 years younger! Because there is no downtime after a ReFirme treatment, it’s one of the most convenient and hassle-free ways to look immediately younger.

Experience this amazing treatment! Get ReFirme at 30% OFF from now until January 31, 2014! Call Facial Care Centre at 892-7546today for your free consultation.

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