Relief Bags Ideas

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Plastic bags clog drains and waterways. Drainage systems blocked by plastic bags have been identified as a major cause of flooding. Floods destroy homes, cause traffic, mudslides and they also create breeding grounds for water born diseases, malaria, and dengue fever.

That being said, we must stop the use of plastic bags. It’s not easy, but doable.

Easy peasy tips:

Use canvas bags for shopping and grocery

Use old rags or cut cloth as a relief good bag

(Photo using Instagram)

Use old T-shirts or cloth as a relief goods bag

2 in 1: May “lafur” na, may damit pa!

(Photo using Instagram)

Using plastic bags as relief goods bags will just add to the problem.

Phone numbers to remember:

Thanks! @TheVanillaCompany for this!

Print this out and post it on your refrigerator for the whole family/household to see.

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Shoppingeo/shoppingera, say a little prayer.

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