Relief Food Recipes

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One of the perks of having Argentina and Century Tuna as my blog sponsors is that I get regular delivery of my favorite canned goods.

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Thanks to my canned goods stash, I was able to cook relief food during the last monsoon.

Initially, I cooked relief food for the families of my helpers and the staff of the building I live in. When everyone got their supplies, I had more food to spare so I thought of sharing it to those in need. Thanks to my friends, Patricia Hizon and Tim Yap, they distributed the cooked food.

Friends and relatives tell me that I should open a restaurant or sell food, but my dream is to have a Soup Kitchen and feed the hungry for free. For now, Maison Epperson is a satellite “Soup Kitchen”, open 24/7, in times of calamities and disasters. 

Our helper of 8 years Liza is my designated “sous chef” at home. We call her the “Liza 2000” (parang vacuum cleaner lang ang peg, haha!) because she is small but amazing! We love her!

Dylan’s nanny Gina is also the best helper! She manages to take care of our energetic two-year old while helping out in the kitchen too.

(Photo taken using Instgaram)

No matter how busy and stressed I am, Tom and Aryanna never fail to make me laugh!

Thanks Tom and Aryanna for baking cupcakes for the kids!

(Photo taken using Instgaram)

It is the rainy season so there it’s likely that there will be more flooding. Hopefully, it will not be as bad as this but best to be prepared. I just want to share some of the relief food recipes I cooked using canned goods that are usually stocked up in pantries/kitchens. Sometimes, due to emergencies, we don’t have time to go to the grocery and buy food, so having canned goods on hand, and with the use of some fresh ingredients, we can whip up relief food for those in need:

Corned Beef Arroz Caldo

No chicken in stock? Use corned beef as meat for your arroz caldo.

Use eco-friendly cups with cover. No utensils needed.

Easy peasy:

•Saute corned beef.
•Add garlic and ginger.
•Add rice and water.
•Bring to a boil.
•Simmer till cooked.

Vienna Sausage Omelette

Everyone loves Vienna sausage, especially kids! Make an omelette out of it.

Easy easy:

• Cut the Vienna sausages in small pieces then fry them.

• Cook the omelette and add the sausages.

Tip: You can cook them in small portions or make a big batch of Vienna sausage frittata sing a pan or baking dish. Cook it in the oven and slice them individually.

Tuna Fried Rice

Pantawid-gutom ito!

Use food containers made from recycled paper, corn or yam packaging.

Canned tuna + Steamed rice = Tuna Fried Rice

Pink Cupcakes

Make them from scratch or out of the box. Nothing fancy, just simple cupcakes. They will lift anyone’s spirit!

Pack them individually in brown paper bags.

Eco-friendly food container ideas

Flood or no flood, you can cook these recipes any time!

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