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Today, the spotlight is on my readers!

Can I just say, effective talaga ang mga food blogs ko! Check out more dishes from readers who were inspired to cook my recipes:

One of my Twitter followers, @hotpinksyndic8 sent me this Twitpic:

“@jenniepperson made your Tartufo pasta for my dinner. Oh my gas! this is one deadly dish, LOL!

My TRX trainer Reema Chanco tweeted this:

“Cheese and Beef bombs of @jenniepperson prepared by her number one fan @babetteskie. I love Tuesdays!

You can find the recipes of these two dishes on my previous www.mabuhaygirl.multiply blog:

Pasta Tartufo:

Beef and Cheese Bombs:

Send me more photos of the dishes you cooked and I’ll blog about them! Send it to me on Twitter (follow me @jenniepperson) via Twitpic, Plixi, YFrog, etc. I love that you guys try out my recipes!

Remember, cooking is empowering because not knowing how to cook makes us dependent on Knorr Seasoning! Haha! Seriously, now is the time to take control of what you eat and feed your families. Start cooking with easy and healthy recipes and find out how cooking can be fun and fulfilling!

If you have zero desire to whip up dishes, at least send your cooks/helpers to a cooking class to learn how to make healthy meals. You can also check out my blog for easy, healthy, and yummy recipes! Just click on the ‘Food’ tags. Also, you can visit my previous website: and click on the ‘Healthy Eats’, ‘Eats Good’, and ‘Food’ tags (located just below the sponsors’ box).

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what kind of recipes would you like me to share?

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