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Another amazing reader made my day! Check out what I got in my inbox: 

Hi Ms. Jenni Epperson,

I love saying your full name talaga
Im a fan of yours sa multiply site mo pa lang.
Btw, I made your version of beef+cheese bomb.
Im always sending you tweets but Im not getting any reply so I assume hindi mo nababasa un tweets ko sa dami ng followers mo
So here’s the link, I just want to make papansin sayo. Hahaha.
No, we (my sister and me) just fell in love with your recipes and since I love pasta I tried your version of Cannelloni bomb.
And btw, I love your Chinawares. Haha. Lakas maka-elite

More power.
And continue sharing.


My Version of The Bomb ala Jenni Epperson

Dear Apples,

Please feel free to say my name as often as you want hanggang magkasugat ang dila ko kaka-isip mo sa akin! LOL
Hmm…  I usually reply to my tweeps, baka naman ibang @jenniepperson ang finafollow mo, ha! Check mo!;D
Wag ka ng magtampo, eto ang isang bonggang-bonggang post dedicated to you! Pansin na pansin na kita!

Apples wrote: “It’s my ever beautiful and sizzling hot sistah’s birthday.. 
And a week before.. She tweeted me this…”

I love how you also took photos of the ingredients and the “Easy Peasy” steps like how I do them on my blog! Palakpakan!

Cue: “Dreamy” effect shots!

And so, last March 24 which is her exact bday. 
We prepared some new recipes.
For Pasta:
The Bomb Cannelloni ala Jenni Epperson
Though I read this recipe na via before she discovered it 
(Nakipag-kumpitensya??) Haha! 
Cannelloni c/o our tita from Italia..
Others from grocery..
(O dba, my naligaw na Eden Cheese)
Ground beef and Cheese sticks
My own version of Cannelloni Bomb ala Jenni Epperson
Parsley instead of Basil (Hindi type ni buntis  ang amoy ng Basil)
The Bday Platter
KFC Chicken and Pizza Hut (c/o Keem and Love)
Lumpia Bomb
Ham, Cheese and Strip of Bellpepper
By the Birthday Celebrant
Da potato bomb! Lav et!

Aaand there you have it folks! Ang daming “pasabog” ni Apl para sa inyong lahat! Haha!

Belated happy birthday to your sister! Next year, yung Healthy Pizza ko naman ang i-try nyo!

Thank you so much Apl for sharing your wonderful blog and recipes! I’m glad you tweaked my recipe and made it your own, plus you even had a mini throwdown with your sister! Very, very Eppersons lang yan! I hope you and your sister will continue cooking my other recipes; and when you do, please email them to me again!

If you want to get the recipe for my Beef and Cheese Bombs, you may check out my previous blog:

Shoppingero/shoppingera, which of my recipes have you tried already?

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  1. I also don't get any reply from you on twitter. but its okay. sa dami ba naman ng followers mo. 🙂

    Love your blog btw! walang araw na hindi ko binabasa ang blog mo. part of my routine na. keep it up!

  2. Am laughing out loud when I read your blog. Hahaha ha! Thanks Jenni Epperson (in full name of course) Will shoot for your other recipes soon. Might try the "Healthy Pizza" on holy week 🙂
    .. And will try to make pabili katulad ng plates mo. Lol.(im inlove with those)
    Thanks again!

    Shoot, a typo ☺
    .."just feel in love with your recipes".. – *fell.
    (am shrinking ☺)


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