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Clyde replied immediate after I posted this blog. Mabilis pa s’ya rumisponde kaysa 911 emergency! LOL

Thanks, Clyde! I will be checking Williams-Sonoma’s online shop.

“Hi, Ms Jenni. I checked your blog after dinner, like I always do, and what do I see? My pics! I was soooo excited!. My heart was beating so hard, LOL. I cant believe you read my email and responded to it. Thank you.

I have the GLOBAL set of knives. I got it from Williams-Sonoma. You should check out their store when you’re here in the US. Im pretty sure you’re going to love their stuff. Para sa mga mahilig magluto talaga. Im not a cook, oh no, not me, hence I check your blog for recipes(and more). I just like my stuff to be nice and ternish-ternish, LOL. You can also get GLOBAL at Surlatable, another favorite kitchen store of mine. Also at Surlatable, you might find cute, interesting plates to add to your plato-platuhan collection.

Thanks again, Ms. Jenni.

All the best,


One of things that makes me happy these days is receiving photos from readers who were inspired by my recipes!

This week is extra special because the reader that emailed me photos of the Sesame Green Beans with Chili dish is from Chicago, U.S.A. Mabuhay, Chicago! Very, very international lang ang peg! LOL

Check out the level up photos that she emailed me:

I love that you took photos of your prep work! I also want that knife! So cool!
Tah-dah! At may sesame seeds pa! Ikaw na!
Best combo: Fried fish + Veggies

My blog reader Clyde Acosta wrote me this sweet message:

“Hi Ms. Jenni! I made one of your recipes tonight. It was delish! Thanks for sharing. It’s fish FRY-day in our household so I bought fried butterfish from the Filipino store and I made your green beans as side dish. Hubby was happy. His word: “Hmmmm, mukhang mapapadami kain ko ngayon a!”

Thanks Ms. Jenni! Please share more easy-peasy recipes.

God Bless!”

Thank you, Clyde! Ma-adopt nga yang fish FRY-day n’yo!

Your version of the Sesame Green Beans with Chili looks more delish than mine! I lav et! 

Shoppingero/shoppingera, keep sending photos of your dishes inspired by my recipes and I’ll blog about them!

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  1. OMG!OMG! you did blog about the dish i made! ms. jenni, you made me smile. from ear to ear! showed it to hubby and son and what do you know-they're both smiling from ear to ear too, LOL.
    thanks! and more power to you.

  2. your easy peasy green beans recipe is a great hit ms j! that's just what I served for dinner lol! after work, I rushed to our local h.e.b here in humble, tx to buy the ingredients. my husband is not exactly a veggie eater so I added some slices of meat for an enticing factor ba hehehhe… and boy did he eat! that recipe is love! I can't wait to show it off to my friends on our next get together lol! thanks again!

  3. Hi Salve!

    Glad to know that! Please email me a photo next time you cook it so I can blog about it!

    Keep on cooking!

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