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Like what I’ve written before, effective talaga ang mga food blogs ko! Another one of my amazing readers was inspired by my recipe and look what she’s whipped up!

One of my blog readers sent me this link from her blog, “The timing was just perfect. I still have a bunch of fresh parsley left and I was looking for recipes where I can use it (I wish we can buy fresh herbs by tinggi!). I’m just happy that I browsed Ms Jenni Epperson’s Multiply page and saw her Herbed butter recipe.  I don’t have truffle oil at the moment and I added more garlic. So yummy! Perfect for baguette!”

Aba, aba, I sense some photo competition here, ha! LOL… I love your photos! I also notice that the green whisk you used was color-coordinated with the herbs and the background color complemented the whole dish! Best in photography ka! Hmm… nagutom ako…

Here’s the recipe of my Garlic Herb Truffle Butter:

Again, blurred or sharp, send me photos of dishes you cooked inspired by my recipes. You may send it via Twitpic, Plixi, YFrog, etc. Or email them to me at I’ll blog about them!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, remember, cooking is empowering!

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  1. Thank you Ms Jenni for featuring my post! Super honored. Feeling ko nanalo ako ng award: BEST PHOTO! Thank you for being an inspiration and for spreading positivity to you readers. Mabuhay ka! 🙂

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