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I had a hard time choosing the winner for this week because everyone basically answered that confidence and embracing one’s self are what make a person “Juicy” or sexy! I agree.

I wish I could give more prizes but there can only be one winner this week. The reader that I chose basically summarized everyone’s opinion of what “Juicy” is.

Congratulations “africanprincess”! You are my amazing Reader of the Week! Please email me your full name, complete address, and mobile no. at I will send you the Peace, Love, & Juicy Couture eau de parfum next week via Xend/JRS.

 Peace, Love, & Juicy Couture eau de parfum + Bracelet

I realized that there were so many ‘Anonymous’ comments that were disqualified so I am installing DISQUS so that everyone can join!

Watch out next week for another fabulous prize for an amazing reader! It’s time I giveaway this special gift. Tune in! Keep your comments coming!

Thank you Prestige Brands Philippines, Inc. for the fabulous parfum! You made one of my readers very happy! Peace, Love, & Juicy Couture!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, can you guess what the next prize awaits the Reader of the Week?

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