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Picosure is the latest anti-aging treatment (and an unparalleled breakthrough in tattoo removal technology) that is sweeping the nation.

I never thought about trying it as I was quite happy with my regular facial treatments until this incident:

Bumped into Dr. Aivee and Dr. Z Teo at a Mother’s Day event:

Me: Dr. Aiveeeeeeee!!! Happy Mother’s Day! *hugs and kisses*
Dr. Aivee: Happy Mother’s Day too! How are you?
Me: I’m back to swimming and I’m worried about my sun spots, especially this big one I have on my cheek. *points to the spot on my cheek*
Dr. Aivee: *checks the blemish on my face*
Me: See? I just want to get rid of my SUN SPOTS!
Dr. Aivee: Oh, OK. I see sun spots and age spots.
Me: *jaw drops* AGE SPOTS?!!! *stunned*

Dr. Aivee’s words reverberated in my ears and I couldn’t believe what she said! I have AGE SPOTS?!! LOL! All this time, I was worried about sun spots and now she drops the bomb that I have age spots?!! Hashtag: nyeta

Age spots are changes to the skin that are harmless and do not cause pain but I just want them out for aesthetic purposes. I also want the traces of my carelessness in my youth to disappear! LOL!

I immediately booked a treatment at Dr. Aivee’s clinic to help me get rid of the walang hiyang age spots, haha!


Power couple: Dr. Aivee and Dr. Z Teo

Beauty talk with Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo, M.D.:

Me: What is PicoSure and how exactly can it help patients in achieving youthful skin?
Dr. Aivee: Picosure is the first ever picosecond laser in the world, and it uses these lasers to revitalize the skin, remove pigmentation, eliminate acne scars, and erase tattoos.
Me: Who is the best candidate for PicoSure?
Dr. Aivee: It would depend on the patient’s concern. Ideally, those with acne scars and pigmentation, those who have tattoos but want them erased, and even those with nice skin but want to revitalize and give a nice glow are all good candidates.
Me: What are the kinds of PicoSure treatment?
Dr. Aiveee:
• PicoGlow – A picosecond skin brightening and perfecting therapy. A 10 minute procedure that gives the skin a healthy glow.
• PicoFade – A picosecond focused melisma clearing therapy.
• PicoFix – A picosecond skin smoothening re-texturizing therapy. This treatment is best for acne scars and the like.
• PicoFirm – A picosecond skin anti-aging laser therapy Level 1. This is best for moderate signs of aging, like fine lines, mild skin aging and laxity.
• PicoTight – A picosecond skin anti-aging laser therapy Level 2. More advanced than PicoFirm, it is best for advanced signs of aging such as wrinkles, skin sagging, age spots, and skin laxity.
• PicoBlast – A picosecond intensive tattoo removal therapy.
Me: How is it different from other laser treatments that your clinic offers?
Dr. Aivee: The main difference of Picosure with other lasers such as the Revlite is that it fires lasers at the picosecond level, which means one trillionth of a second, as opposed to Revlite (a nanosecond laser that fires lasers at one billionth of a second).
Me: How long before patients can see a difference in their skin? What are the noticeable changes?
Dr. Aivee: Because the Picosure is very fast, results can be seen immediately after the treatment, especially during a PicoBlast session where the tattoo begins to fade after just one session. PicoGlow patients have seen a difference right after the treatment, many of them saying that they look revitalized and radiant.
Me: How is PicoSure faster and more effective than previous tattoo removal machines? How many treatments are required for patients to achieve visibly clearer, ink free skin?
Dr. Aivee: Picosure fires lasers at one trillionth of a second, or a picosecond, so due to the faster firing of the lasers, the pigments of the tattoo break easier and faster. In comparison, tattoos that take five to six sessions to be completely removed by Revlite (another laser for tattoo removal), will only take two to three sessions with Picosure.
Me: How many treatments would a patient need to get rid of his/her tattoo?
Dr. Aivee: The number of sessions would depend on the tattoo, because there are pigments that are easier to remove such as black and blue. Complex tattoos, like those with different colors will usually take a little longer. Of course, the size of the tattoo should also be considered.
Me: Lastly, if PicoSure can take out tattoos, would it be able to take out sun spots and age spots too?
Dr. Aivee: Yes, definitely. The Picosure can do that using PicoFirm, PicoFade, and PicoTight.

I felt really good talking to Dr. Aivee about PicoSure. So excited! Let’s do this!!

Step 1: Book an appointment for your consultation and treatment at Dr. Aivee Teo-Aguilar Anti-Aging Institute.

Step 2:  Relax and enjoy the sosy bed with the clazz na clazz monogrammed pillow in one of the clinic’s rooms.


Step 3: A nurse will apply some topical anesthesia on your face and neck and cover it with cyram wrap. Don’t Instagram a photo. Hashtag: katakot


Step 4: While waiting for the doctor, feel free to take photos of the Cynosure machine and post it on Instagram and tag: @draivee and @theaiveeinstitue to let all of your followers know that you’re about to experience a beautiful transformation!


Step 5: Get a VIP PicoSure treatment from Dr. Aivee herself or one of the doctors in her clinic.


Step 6: Smile and be happy as you are a step closer to having the best skin of your life! Feel free to take a selfie and post it again on Instagram because GGSS (gandang-ganda sa sarili).


After my first PicoSure treatment, the most visible change for me is the texture of my neck. OMG!!! It’s soft and the traces of fine lines have drastically minimized! No exage! My face was reddish after the treatment but it only lasted for 3-4 hours. My face was super soft and after 3 days, my skin was super glowing! My sun spots and age spots haven’t disappeared yet but according to Dr. Aivee, I will see an improvement after a few more sessions.

I didn’t have to use special creams after the treatment. I just used my regular facial beauty products on my face and they actually helped my skin to look even more radiant.

I am very happy with the results and I recommend PicoSure treatment to those who want radiant and soft skin.

Book your appointments now at Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo Anti-aging Institute!

Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo Anti-aging Institute locations: 2nd Floor, East Bldg., The Fort, Metro Manila, Philippine, +63 2 403 3245; 5th Floor, SM Megamall Fashion Hall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City, Philippines, +632 64-AIVEE; Ground floor, The Bellevue Hotel, Tower Wing Alabang, Philippines, +632 822.1546, +632 822.1548; Rm 417/422 Medical Office Bldg. Filinvest Alabang Muntinlupa City, Philippines, +632 771.9252; Las Pinas Doctor’s Hospital, +632 829.9763; Singapore Paragon Medical Suites, 11-04-05 Paragon Shopping Center 290 Orchard Rd., Singapore, +656 235.2343, +659 090.5556, Email: drz@z-aesthetics.com & info@z-aesthetics.com. Visit www.aivee.ph

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