Perfect Pancakes

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You have no idea how long the Eppersons have waited for these pancakes!

Before I go on with my “perfect” pancake story, here’s a bit of background about the Eppersons and pancakes. I’m no flapjack expert, but my husband Tom is quite the pancake connoiseur. He grew up in California and surfing was his life. As a surfer, he spent a lot of hours shredding the waves. After a surf session, carb-loading was a must and pancakes were a staple diet — not just any pancakes, but the “perfect” pancakes: light, fluffy, and slightly crisp on top. The color should be golden brown with a light scent of vanilla and butter. Mmm…

Tom and Aryanna always make pancakes at home. They’ve cooked hundreds of variations from scratch and have tried countless packaged mixes. Some were better than the others but not good enough to become a signature “Epperson” dish. Sigh.

Anyway, while lounging at my “satellite office” (read: Alexa’s Deli), I bumped into Erica Paredes, who is also a regular at Alexa’s, and we talked about food. She then showed me a photo of stacked pancakes that she had for breakfast. They looked perfect!

Thanks Erica for this! Now we don’t have to pray for Pancake House to get our flapjacks right (from experience, their pancakes are inconsistent.)

Ladies, gentlemen, and gheys, the “perfect” pancakes…

…is in a (wait for it) … burger joint!

Malcolm’s Burger is known for its mouthwatering burgers which uses premium “chilled, never frozen” beef. They however also serve breakfast from 7am -11am everyday! In our opinion, THIS is where the perfect pancakes are! Read on for the verdict of my very foodie family.

Malcolm’s Buttermilk Pancakes are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It smells heavenly and the ratio of butter to pancakes is spot on! Perfect.


Tip: Malcolm’s Buttermilk Pancakes are huge and filling so just order the mini stacks (two pieces). Two to three people can share the “Malcolm’s Stack” (three pieces).


While waiting for our breakfast, they served us wanton chips with dip. Uhm, chips for breakfast? Weird but appreciated. Not perfect.

Good froth but the coffee needs work. May I suggest Lavazza? Semi-perfect.

Hot White Chocolate. According to Aryanna, it’s a bit too sweet, but then again, nothing is EVER too sweet for her. This is dessert in a cup! Perfectly sweet.

Fresh OJ. Perfect.

The bacon tasted funky. Not perfect.

Malcolm’s Burger, The Fort

Eggs Benedict with Wagyu Corned Beef


The wagyu corned beef melts in your mouth! I love that they also added tomatoes to the Eggs Benedict! Perfect.

Malcolm has their signature tapa but I’m not sure if I like it…actually, I don’t but it’s not bad. The potatoes though are absolutely delish!

This is me in denim…again. Perfect?

Aryanna calling her nanny to tell her the good news: “Yaya, I discovered a hidden talent of mine: I can play the piano!” Perfect.

Epperson-approved pancakes!

Say hello to Malcolm’s finest, Karen and MJ! See you again this week!

In Malcolm’s Deli, you’ll love the food, free WIFI, and free parking!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, try Malcolm’s Burger at The Fort for brunch!

Malcolm’s Burger, The Fort
Fairways Tower Fort
Bonifacio Global City
5th Avenue Corner McKinley

Telephone: +632.5563188

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  1. Jenni, haven’t met a pancake that I like in Manila. I’m so thrilled you featured this because it was already on my list to try after I saw the sign at Malcolm’s one Sunday I ate at Ristras. I love breakfast food!!! 🙂

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