Patio Progress + Undecorating for Fall

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Our new old house has a patio. We haven’t done anything major to the space except for cementing the wall and adding some outdoor furniture that we already have. We’re waiting for Summer to paint the wall, add plants, buy new outdoor dining chairs and set-up a proper BBQ area. It would be nice to invite guests and have a BBQ party!

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Even though the patio is incomplete we’re still enjoying what we have and making the most out of the space.

I’m actually loving the raw look of our patio. The unpainted wall, unpolished floor and mismatched furniture make the perfect undecorated space for Fall!

I bought an inexpensive printed table cloth (P159.95, SM Makati) with lovely Fall colors to create a cozy outdoor dining area.

Tip: Changing table cloths is a practical way to spruce up your dining table.

You know it’s the “Ber” months in Manila when the temperature has gone down a bit, there are more overcast days and the nights are longer.

Brunch set-up

My family and I have been taking advantage of the weather and we’ve been eating meals in our patio.

After eight years of not having a patio, we’re grateful for the new outdoor space we have.

Tip: Light candles to help shoo away flies. Flies hate smoke, so you can use some kind of citronella candles to get rid of flies quickly.

Maison Epperson is ready for more outdoor dining! I’ll be sharing more tips for simple yet special ways in dining al fresco and new recipes too!

Enjoy the cool weather season and make meals and memories with your loved ones!

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