Park Avenue At Your Finger Tips

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My friend and top photographer Mark Nicdao teases me that I’m “Miss Park Avenue”. I like it. Haha!

I believe that he thinks I live a lavish lifestyle just like the Park Avenue princesses. Sometimes I do, but most of the time, I just live my life the way I want to. Dahlings, here’s something to keep in mind –it may be hard to live in luxury, but living luxurious can be easy!

You too can live like socialite without a trust fund. All you need is a taste for style, a keen eye, and a lot of self confidence! The simplest things can up your fashion assets! Be on the lookout for simple items that bring huge impact! Case in point: nail polish!

Give the impression of being regularly salon primped and pampered with clean, beautiful nails! Here are some of my nail essentials that can turn anyone to a regular sosyalera!

Orly Nail Polish: “Luxe” (gold), get sexy and glam, perfect for nightouts in the VIP spots in town! “Country Club Khaki” (tan), clean and crisp, for a feel of exclusive invite-only brunches!

Shala nail polish = Shala Nail polish remover: No more spills with this nail polish remover wipes

Live the life you want without draining out your bank account! The small things make a huge difference! Remember that and you can look and feel like a Park Avenue Princess too, di ba, Mark?

Candi Nail Polish Remover Wipes are available at HBC


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