Organization Tips: Coffee and Juice Stations

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When Tom and I had first moved into our new house, we had this grand idea of converting the small room behind the kitchen to our own coffee bar complete with a 10-foot wrap-around counter, bar stools and a fancy espresso machine. It would have been a cool place to hang out in but the reality is, it would have cost a lot to transform the spare room and buy our dream coffee machine plus, we are so not in the mood to do more construction in the house. Kape!! LOL

We’re saving our home coffee bar dream for our future summer home. For the meantime, I’ve created different beverage stations in the kitchen to accommodate our needs while using very little space. Let me share with you my ideas:

Coffee or Tea Station

Coffee. It’s a morning must in our household to start the day bright. Tom and I love a good cup of Joe in the morning and in the afternoon.

Short on space to devote to your coffee bar? A coffee station is an easy way to make use a bare corner. Set a tray with your espresso machine or coffee press, grinder, cups, beans on top of a tray. Add a cool chalkboard art and you’ll have the cutest mini cafe. I organized a self-serve station on the counter top of our kitchen for family and guests to enjoy.

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Easy set-up. Where you keep your coffee bar is important—especially at 6am when you’re on the hunt for caffeine. To make your own coffee bar, you don’t need specialty furniture. I just used things I have at home: Coral tray I designed for my Home line for The Ramp Crossing, an old cup rack, assorted cups and mugs, store-bought chalkboard poster (from SM Home), ceramic container by Jonathan Adler (a gift from my friend Jackie) and our 5-year old CBTL coffee machine that was given to my husband as a gift.

Assorted mugs, cups and tea cups for make a fun mix!


Sometimes you need different cups for your caffeine needs. I also like using the DIY mugs that my children made. So special!

Keep tea bags, sugar and cream packets in a cute container


Juice Station

Same banana as the coffee station. I organized the juice bar on the opposite side of the coffee corner. This area gets busy during school days. Aryanna can easily make a healthy power shake to-go with this set-up.

My family are surviving the summer heat thanks to homemade yummy shakes and cold juices!


“Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”

Arrange your favorite glasses around your blender and juice machine for a unique, aesthetically pleasing look. Use your collection to decorate a space. I try to use my Alessi collection in the kitchen and all around the house. It’s pointless to buy beautiful stuff if you can’t enjoy them.


Be creative in your storage solutions: use silver mint julep cups or small glass vessels to hold the cute paper straws for your drink. My kids love this idea! This set-up encourages them to make healthier drinks.

Tip: I bought this short metal rack to hold our mason jars. I also store the lids in the center of the rack. It’s a fun and functional way to decorate your glasses!


No matter what kind of pick-me-up you prefer in the morning, you can have the perfect drink every time when you have a well-organized, at-home coffee and juice bars and using limited space.

Have a happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. OM!!! We have the same thing!!! Juicer, jars, posters and the coral tray! I’m excited to show you mine, but first… I need to make my stations. 🙂

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