New Year at Maison Epperson

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For years, we’ve spent New Year’s eve checked-in a hotel. This year, we decided to donate our vacation fund to the survivors of “Sendong” and celebrate at home instead.

Spending the holidays at home was also fun. We played Taboo all day, ate lots of cookies and chocolates, and watched movies. We also followed some of my grandparents’ rituals to attract good vibes and good fortune for 2012. The only downside of being at our place was that the firecrackers startled Dylan, but once he was up, he was OK. In fact, he had fun watching the fireworks… we all did.

The food:

For luck, my lolo and lolo used to prepare something sticky, something sweet, something round, something long (noodles), something red, something savory, round fruits, and some coins of prosperity!

Aryanna’s favorite: golden tikoy

I didn’t want to slave in the kitchen for New Year’s so I cooked beef bourguignon in the slow cooker. Sorry Julia Child but it was sooo good and super easy to make too! I’ll share the recipe with all of you soon!

New Year’s day brunch: bacon and and silver dollar lemon pancakes! Mmm…

In keeping with the “round” theme, Tom whipped up silver dollar pancakes. So yummy!

The table settings:

New Year’s eve dinner

A pop of red and touches of polka dots

The only stemware you need for the New Year! LOL

New Year’s brunch

For luck: red and green colors and polka dotted table cloth, plates, and glassware

Ringing in good vibes:


We watched the fireworks from the penthouse of our building. We are lucky to have a panoramic view of the city!



Our very happy New Year:

Dylan woke up before midnight so all of us were able to watch the fireworks!

With my babies!

The boys in my life

Dylan loved the colorful fireworks. He was also fine with the loud noise from the fircrackers but he had a death grip on my neck the whole time! Haha!

Look up!

In the end, wherever you are or whoever you’re with, making the best of the holidays and being grateful for all your blessings are what’s important. Life is what you make of it.

Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you all an abundant and amazing year!

Shopingero/shopingera, who did you spend New Year’s eve?

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  1. Hi, I’m Jannah from Malaysia.

    Love your entry. I especially love the types of food you served for the new year. All things that are round (fruits, etc) and long (pasta) for luck and longevity. What other food usually signifies luck and are good to serve in welcoming the new year? Maybe I can try it next year? Hahah…

    Happy New YEar to you and your family!

    1. Post

      Hi Jannah!

      Mabuhay Malaysia!
      So far, the ones Ive blogged are the rituals we follow to ring in the New Year. Chinese New Year is also fast approaching, you can try some of them as they are similar.

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  2. love love love your blog! just started reading it and its amazing! i mean it has everything you need! from fashion, family, food, etc! more power to you!
    also, can i please please please ask for a recipe for the beef bourguignon you made on new years eve? thanks!!

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