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First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who tagged me their photos again on Twitter!

Thank you for sending in all your Twitpic/Yfrog/Lockerz/Pic/Instagram photos! It is my pleasure to post them on my blog! I’m grateful for everyone who bought my book and took time in doing mini pictorials with it! You guys are the best!

From @shahanigania:

“@JenniEpperson Hindi ko nasilayan ang #2011 pero at least nakasalubong kita sa mall!:)Congrats mother for the success!″

Shahani!!! Tawang-tawa ako dito! LOL! Thank you GloriousPopStar for the photo! Very militar lang ang peg! Bagay tayo! Haha!

Shahani Gania and ang mahiwgang

From @patph81:

“Miss @JenniEpperson, are you really this tall? I saw your standee in NBS G5. :)”

Thanks @patph81 for your phone-in question! Haha! I think the standee is a bit taller than me.

Like Converse, my standee is EVERYWHERE! LOL

From @yraritzy:

“@JenniEpperson so in ♡ with your book…. Thanks for sharing….. :)”

Hi @yraritzy!
Love the short hair, love the photo, love that you got my book! Thanks!

Best smile!

From @itshappymom:

“A super inspiring & educational book. I Learned much. Officially addicted to @JenniEpperson 🙂 Super LoveS! Want more!

Ganda ng photos! Love the short hair and fenk tank top! Haha! Thank you! Enjoy the book!

Walang tulugan!

From @jadomingo:

“Great book! A little bit of everything ü @JenniEpperson

It’s got everything but the kitchen sink! Haha!

What a lovely face!

Uhm, sorry!!! I can’t find the link to this particular photo. Please tag me again on Twitter! Thanks!

Hi! Please tag me again on twitter!

From @maxysoph:

“@JenniEpperson here you go.. approve si Mister! mapapaaga ang VALENTINES namin ni ONE.. haha! HNY!

Dear @maxysoph, ikaw na ang best in gaya-gaya! LOL! I love that you’ve been trying my recipes in the book and loving it too! Tuloy n’yo na ang honeymoon ni mister! Haha! Thanks for sending all your photos!

Shrimp Scampi Pasta

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  1. Super like!!! just noticed medyo sexy top ang drama ko hahahha!!! Thanks Ms. Jenni Epperson! Im super happy im included!!!!! (sikat!) LOL

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