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Tom and I are always on the lookout for new breakfast joints in the metro. We’re happy that Hatch 22 Cafe & Bakery at Rockwell finally opened!

Hatch 22 is an all day cafe which focuses on rustic recipes. It’s Rockwell’s newest neighborhood cafe and bakery that serves all-day classic cafe comfort food with a twist and coffee.

Owners Erwan Heussaff, Solenn Heussaff, Jason Soong, Ivan Zalameda, Raymund Magdaluyo and Chef Pete Ayson are all passionate about their new venture which is apparent in the cafe’s menu, decor and drinks.


Exterior and interior

Floor to ceiling glass windows

Cool bar

The happy staff of Hatch 22 Cafe & Bakery

Nice potted plants

Mmm… the smell of freshly baked bread is intoxicating!

Lovely daylight pouring into the room = Instagram-friendly lighting

In case some of you don’t know, actress Solenn Heussaff is also an amazing painter. The artwork in the cafe is an original. Wow, Sos!

Tom and I adore the unfinished look of the ceiling! Cool.

Feels like we’re in New York!

I want those tree stump stools!

Owner Ivan Zalameda welcomed me and Tom at the cafe

I’m ready to order!

Bread Basket #3

The Spanish bread is a must-try!

Pandesal Epi, Dulce de Leche Spanish Bread, Pan de Month, Empanada, Ensaymada Brioche served with Queso de Bola Butter & Pineapple Ricotta

NYOB (Not Your Ordinary Benedicts)

What makes this dish extraordinary is that the eggs are cooked sous-vide. By doing so, the eggs retain all their nutrients and the texture soft like a custard. It’s a lighter version of the traditional Eggs Benedict.

Sous-vide ( /suːˈviːd/; French for “under vacuum”) is a method of cooking food sealed in airtight plastic bags in a water bath for a long time—72 hours is not unusual—at an accurately determined temperature much lower than normally used for cooking, typically around 60 °C or 140 °F. The intention is to cook the item evenly, not overcook the outside while still keeping the inside at the same ‘doneness’ and to keep the food juicier. Wikipedia.

Fresh baked rustic muffins, Portobello mushroom, sous vide eggs, Italian ham chili orange hollandaise sauce.

 Crispy Corned Beef Fried

This is my favorite Hatch 22 dish. I like the combination of all the savory flavors and crispy texture. I’m also addicted to the pickled red onion! So good!

Fried and crispy Delimondo corned beef with extreme garlic rice, crunchy egg, pickled red onion and seared tomato.

Blueberry Ricotta Pancake Buttermilk

When it comes to pancakes, my family and I have our own preferences, we like our flap jacks light, fluffy and crispy on top. Hatch 22 pancakes are a tad heavy for our liking but the flavor is delicious. The pancakes are also big and filling so two people can share it.

Pancakes filled with blueberry compote, ricotta & toasted almonds. Served with cinnamon butter and cognac maple syrup

 Jelly Doughnut Pancakes

Layered pancakes swimming in white chocolate ganache. Game over.

Filled with home made jelly, white chocolate ganache & powdered sugar.

Although, I feel that this dish is more a dessert than a main course. Perfect with coffee anytime of the day. Yummy!

What’s brunch without cocktails?

I have to say that the cocktails at Hatch 22 are not only creative but also refreshing and pack a punch! Bravo Erwan!

Blushing Mistress

I don’t like guyabano but I love this cocktail! So refreshing!

Guyabano, orgeat syrup, rum, bitters, lemon

Neighbour Mash

A pretty cocktail with a kick! Mmm…

Mangosteen, hibiscus vodka, lemon, bitters

My brunch dates Tom and Hatch 22’s Ivan Zalameda

The Rockwell community is so lucky to have Hatch 22 Café & Bakery! Please open in Glorietta area soon!

The cafe is still on it’s dry run. According to Ivan, they still have a lot to improve on.

Personally, I like the vibe at Hatch 22 Café & Bakery. It’s a cool place to hangout, it has a nice bright interior, good comfort food and killer cocktails.

Congrats to the owners of Hatch 22 Café & Bakery! We’re also looking forward to trying your other dishes.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, see you there!

Hatch 22 Cafe & Bakery is located at Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City; Operating hours are 7am to 10pm.

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