My Very Happy Birthday, Par Deux

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I believe that the key to happiness is doing what you love…and eating what you love! Haha!

Like what I’ve mentioned before, Makati Shangri-la Hotel is like the Eppersons’ second home. We know all their restos and we’ve grown to love a lot of their dishes. For my birthday, I decided to throw the healthy diet out the window and indulge! It’s actually healthy to sometimes eat with abandon!

Kaya eto na! Inabandona ko na! My mantra for my birthday is, at itaga na ito sa bato…(wait for it)

…”Live, love, lafang!” PAAAAAK na naman!

Birthday lunch at Shangri-la’s Circles:

My birthday spaghetti: Spicy Spaghetti Carbonara! My own concoction from Circles’ buffet: spaghetti, real bacon bits, carbonara sauce, cheese, and a dash of pepper flakes

Ube ice cream @.@

Coffee with lots of foam! I always order brewed to the cup.

Some people may think this is corny, but not if it’s your birthday! Tom requested the kombucheros to sing some of my favorites, “Summertime” and “Tears in Heaven”, plus they sang the jolliest “Happy birthday to you…” Haha!

Thanks hun! That was fun!

Aryanna’s “I. Am. Not. Embarrassed. By. This. I’m. Really. Not. So. You. Can. Stop. Now.” smile.

Spotted at Shangri-la’s Circles: my friends Erik Cua and pretty Regine King! Thanks for the b-day greetings guys! Love You!

I ate sooo much that I’m embarrassed to show the other food shots I took! LOL

As if I did not stuff myself during lunch, I had the nerve to go all out too for supper! Next was my birthday dinner at Makati Shangri-la’s RED with the Eppersons:

CC: Cheers Champagne! Hahaha!

I love Red’s butter dish! So chic!

My entrée: Salmon roulade with dried fruit compote

My other entrée: Prawn cocktail with avocado

Aaand another entrée (haha): Hot and cold Alaskan crab

The pièce de résistance: Wagyu Ribeye and Moussilne Potatoes with Truffle @.@

Chic dessert: Rose & lychee ice cream

Who doesn’t love gifts? Raise your legs…*cricket…cricket*…thought so. Here are some from Tom and Aryanna:

Good things come in Alessi packages!!! Thanks for adding to my collection!!! I’m so happy!!!

The best birthday card! Baby Dylan’s first doodle! Aww…

What a birthday!

Excuse me, I have to exercise now!

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