My Curated Collection For Banana Rebublic


When Banana Republic and Store Specialists, Inc. asked me to curate a collection for the holidays, I was beyond thrilled! The brand is synonymous to style and quality so choosing my favorites was easy. I also got to style the in-store merchandise and window display and I had loads of fun doing it.

Time to shake things up at Banana Republic!

Before I continue on my Banana Republic curated collection, I just want to mention that working inside a shop—fixing the displays and store windows brings me so much joy!

In case you didn’t know, after working for five years for a fashion house when I was still single, I took up my masters in Business and Marketing and at the same time I got a scholarship for window merchandising in Italy. So boutiques, shops and stores are my natural habitat and working with the sales staff, managers and visual merchandisers is effortless for me. In fact, I lav et!

Now, let the fashion games begin!

Fashion styling is not a glamorous job especially when heavy lifting is involved!

Working with the Banana Republic team was a breeze. No one minded getting their hands dirty and they were all patient with dressing up the mannequins particularly one pasaway dummy which legs kept on detaching. Ugh. LOL

I’d like to thank the Banana Republic ladies Angela Tucay, Associate Merchandizing Manager; Nadine Nocom, Marketing Officer and the sales staff and manager of their Greenbelt 5 branch for helping me out! We really had a great time working together!

Prior to the day I was going to fix the shop, I asked the Banana Republic team to send tons of mannequins to their Greenbelt shop.

The photo below was the “before” shot of the shop. The space was busting with neutral colors and a few tables only had folded merchandise and racks situated at the entrance. It was OK since the store has to follow the merchandising abroad but since I was invited to choose my own picks, I thought I’d do something more exciting.

My vision: After 5 cocktail hour, holiday style!

I love working with mannequins because they’re never late and the never talk back, hahaha! Joke!

Originally, I was supposed to just choose my picks, fix the collection and I’d be done. If you know me, that’s not going to happen. When I start something, I tend to finish it with a bang. Luckily, there were assorted decor in the stockroom so I used most of it to complete the look.

Boom. Best in resourcefulness lang ang peg.

Thanks to the staff it only took me two and a half hours to fix the in-store and window displays of entire shop. I love working fast and efficiently.

Ladies, presenting my Banana Republic curated collection for the holidays!

My Banana Republic picks are perfect for office Christmas parties where sparkly and metallic dresses rule the cubicle, these Banana Republic ensembles I chose will definitely make you standout without looking like a glittering Christmas tree. LOL

I mixed and matched Banana Republic’s cute basic pieces: just-above-the-knee skater skirts, luxurious silk joggers (my ultimate favorite) and chic sweaters (according to the staff, they’ve become best sellers!) for a festive and stylish look.

When wearing neutrals and basic pieces, accessories are everything!

Now, it’s time to style the men!

I wanted basics peppered with marsala (it’s the Pantone’s color of the year for 2015!) touches for that holiday look!

Add to cart: Soft cotton joggers paired with all-the-way-button-up shirts and a cozy cardi are musts this season!

Monochromatic love

In my opinion, Banana Republic has the softest washed tees! I know of a few men who hoard all colors. Get them now!

More marsala hue please!

Happy holidays from Banana Republic and me!

STYLE TIP FOR HER: Don’t want to reveal your arms? Layer a short-sleeved black knitted top and wear a gold lace dress over it. Finish it off with a pair of gold pumps and an in-your-face neckpiece to complete the holiday look! STYLE TIP FOR HIM: Go for monochromatic marsala and top it with a cream-colored cable knit cardi for a stylish holiday outfit!

Aryanna: “The shop looks cool! I love the sweatshirts and skirts! Good job, Mom!”

I’ve impressed my teenage daughter. That is everything. My work is done. LOL

Love this poster designed and approved by the principals of Banana Republic! This is serendipity! You’ll know what I mean soon.

Thanks Banana Republic and SSI!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, shop now at Banana Republic stores!