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I was dealing with some Internet stress yesterday and it dampened my mood. I figured the best way to shake off bad vibes is to concentrate on the beauty that surrounds me and to be grateful for all the good things and people I have in my life.

It’s been a while since I posted some of my Amazing Readers and Tweeps and I apologize for that. I have hundreds of your wonderful posts, photos and blogs in my Inbox, Favorites and Mentions on Twitter and Instagram and I read every single one of them. It’s just that I’m a one-woman-show and to upload everything on my blog will probably take weeks if not months if I do it alone. Maybe it’s time I hire a team for my growing website. Will see.

Anyhoooooo, today is all about you!

Statice is one of my favorite blooms as they retain their color for months! They are like Everlasting flowers. I’m glad some of my readers have grown (pun intended) to like them too!

Rock stars like Champ read me too! Congrats on your LASIK surgery with American Eye Center! Dr. Alnette Tan is the best!

BOOOOOM! Ang nawawala kong sister! Haha! Straw lang ang katapat! Love this!

Anything healthy-healthyhan maaasahan n’yo blog ko dyan! Well done!

What is spotted? Thanks for this, Xengy!

I’m at The Ramp Crossings 24/7! Haha! Photo op is allowed in my pop-up store!

One of the most respected journalists in the country shopped my collection. What an honor! Thanks, Ms. Ces Drillon! Enjoy your bahay-bahayan stuff!

Tunic love! Thanks for shopping my collection at The Ramp Crossings!

What is ubusan? Thank you, Candy! Sana nagtira ka naman. LOL

Living fiercely and always having fun! Thanks Dong!

My ate Phoemela Baranda in my ‘Naomi” glads and her breakfast in bed set-up. Very, very soft. Ganda. Thanks, ate!

Always creative and fierce, designer Martin Bautista’s chic vignette!

Model and mom Rissa Manaquil-Trillo can do no wrong. Always stylish and super nice! Thanks, Rissssss!

When a fellow stylist buys your collection, it means so much! Great styling job on lovely Carla Avellana! The white dress and my ‘Naomi’ gladiators look chic on her!

Actress Bubbles Paraiso is hottt! You look sizzling in my ‘Naomi’ glds, babe! Thanks for shopping!

One of Manila’s fashion icon and most fun hostess just pimped her crib with my trays and throw pillows! Ab fab!

I’m so glad that my ‘Virginia’ Bar Cart from The Ramp Crossings have been adopted by the stylish set! Designer Amina Aranaz-Alunan’s glamorous vignette at home is gorge!

I’m always proud when I am able to inspire friends like Divine Lee. I love Mother Becky’s vignette at home!

From book, to home to fashion, panalao ka na! Thanks for all the support!

Fashion + Home levelz!!!

My book is in good company. LOVE!

Guys and gays wear me too! Best compliment ever.

You can take the girl out of the party but you can’t take the party out of the girl! Enjoy!

Sa lahat ng mga na-inspire ko mag-luto-lutuan, you guys made me so happy! Cooking is empowering!


Please allow me to gush about people I love who follow me on Twitter. Surreal. Ahhhhhh!

I have no words.

One of my style icons who I also met during her visit in Manila. Love her!!!

One of the coolest families in my book. I love the Novogratz!

We all love The Fancy! They follow me. Fancy that.

Will post more of your lovely blogs, photos and Mentions soon! I really appreciate them! Keep them coming!

Thank you to all my Amazing Readers and Tweeps! Life is definitely more beautiful and fun because of you!

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