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It was our first time to travel outside of the Philippines with our son 7-year old Dylan and we couldn’t be happier that we went to Singapore! Traveling with kids, as some parents know, can be a challenge but when you visit a country that is family and kid-friendly, heck, they even have Singapore for Kids site which offers comprehensive tourist information of what to do in Singapore for visitors with children makes it 100x easier. How cool is that?

When you are less stress about traveling with kids (where to go, what to eat and where to play), there’s more time to experience fun and memorable moments. Here are some of our best memories and realizations traveling with Dylan to Singapore:

1. He actually got excited with photo ops. I know this seems like a shallow reason but, sometimes, it’s a pain to take photos of my son and document moments on my camera or phone. Traveling to Singapore and being surrounded by beautiful and inspiring places made our son eager to pose in every. Single. Location. Haha! Documenting our travel was easy peasy.


2. Meet Our Little Mr. Independent. Travel nurtures independence, a thirst for knowledge and an appreciation for adventure. Tom and I noticed how our son liked doing things on his own more than usual because of the exciting and inspiring places in Singapore. In fact, we usually prepare his meals and choose his food (for health reasons) at home but for this trip, Dylan was adamant to pick his own meals (some healthy, some not—ugh.) and serve himself in the kids buffet. He was so happy!



3. Creativity bucket, check!  The creative bursts flow organically from kids when they travel. Being in a different country and experiencing different cultures and events allows kids to be creative and imaginative. We all love Singapore’s museums, parks and shows! Every new thing our son experienced became a tool in his creativity bucket. He even has the paintings to prove it!




4. Wonderful Singapore. They say, if you want to witness a natural display of a sense of wonder, just observe a child. A child’s whole world is viewed through the eyes of wonder and excitement. A child has no judgements of why things are so, but rather a child is in awe of life and views life through innocence, purity and curiosity. This trip made Tom and me more childlike as we let go of the adult ego and we were more open and curious thanks to our son!


5. Adventure vulture. Our Singapore adventure taught our son navigation skills. Honestly, when we went to Singapore Zoo, Dylan got the map and figured out the way to the jungle. We were so amazed! School is a great thing, but the world is the most effective teacher there is. Just think of all the subjects that crop up when you’re out exploring the real world. History, geography, science, maths, art and languages never feel like a chore when they’re studied as part of a journey. It doesn’t hurt that Dylan also fed the giraffes!



6. Father & son, mother & son and family bonding time. Traveling reminds us that plastic toys or the latest gadget are not what life is about. Playing and hanging out with each other and discovering the world are truly the best things in life.




When we travel, our kids see us making creativity, adventure and fun priorities with both our time and money. Children grow up in the blink of an eye and, let’s face it, a lot of regular life isn’t really that memorable. But adventure ramps up the number of new situations, people and places (food too!) we encounter. Life is about people. Ditch the stuff and travel with each other for a change.

Being in Singapore and disconnecting are all you need to create memorable memories with the family.

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