Makeup for Summer + The Ultime8 Makeup Remover

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Shu Uemura “Bijoux” collection is inspired by the sumptuous colors and multi-dimensional radiance of precious gemstones. Jewel-inspired shades in sequin-like textures for a dazzling glow on your face.

The new textures give instant shimmer with one stroke and deliver a weightless, brilliant sparkle effect for the ultimate glimmering look.

According to Shu Uemura international artistic director, Kakuyasu Uchiide, “I wanted to create a jewel look that expresses the beauty of women’s skin and inner glow. Overall, the key for this look is a natural freshness, through using light reflection effectively, and also by using soft colors to create soft contour.”

Enjoy and explore this colorful, versatile range of products that are attention getting yet subtle enough for daily make-up use. Accessorize with fresh, luminous color on the cheeks and eyes for bedazzling beauty.

Easy makeup:

The Ultime8 experience:

One of the best makeup removers for me is the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. It’s been one of my beauty staples for years. and just when I thought this star product couldn’t get any better, they created the Ultime8 Cleansing Oil!

After 10 years of research

It all began with a request from Mr. Uemura himself: “I want a supreme cleansing oil with a luxurious touch to give a sense of bliss—a texture like cashmere for the ultimate cleansing experience.” To realize the exquisite cashmere-like texture, our laboratory mobilized all its resources and expertise to find the golden blend of oils—the perfect balance of lightness, softness and smoothness.

Years later, the formulation was almost complete. However, one last piece was needed to achieve Mr. Uemura’s ideal cashmere-like texture.

After a long search that took in hundreds of oils, our master formulator encountered Sheamelt, botanical oil from shea kernel that was incredibly light yet retained plentiful richness. the 8th, and last oil had been discovered.

Since its international debut in 2012, Ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil has quickly become a firm favorite with celebrities, beauty editors and women across the globe.

Discover the superior performance of Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil:
1. Excellent cleansing ability
2. Doesn’t dry out skin, leaves no residue
3. One-step effective cleansing
4. Improves skin condition every time you cleanse
5. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

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