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Like what I wrote in my New Year’s Resolutions, my goal this year is to make exercise part of my lifestyle.

I believe that exercising especially for busy moms like me is more than just finding the time to do it, the key is changing your mindset to view exercise as a habit and not a chore.

Starting up a good habit is going to take a lot of work and conditioning before it becomes something automatic. What better way to jumpstart good habits than doing things you love? Since I love dancing and Madonna, this DVD workout series is perfect for me:

Fashion + Fitness

Because fitness is fashion at dapat fashyon pag fumi-fitness, let’s all take cue from Madonna’s personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer’s gym bunny attire:

I love Nicole Winhoffer’s sweater and running pants combo! Her style is perfect for women of all shapes and sizes.

Color of the year gym outfitey!

Colorful nylon jacket + Black running shorts + Black tights + Black rubber shoes = Cool gym bunny

Fitness is back!

Features the exclusive programs based on Madonna’s workout routines, previously only available at Hard Candy Fitness Clubs. Madonna’s personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer, implements Hard Candy Fitness’ results-driven techniques and programming created by Madonna for the four-disc DVD set, which blends innovative dance, toning and cardio training. These results-driven DVDS are challenging, but as Madonna says, “No Sweat, No Candy.”

Now, lemme find out how to order Hard Candy Fitness Presents Madonna’s Addicted To Sweat DVDs!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, time to get addicted to sweat!

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