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Do you scramble to look for beauty products in the morning? Do you still have unopened skin care merchandise? What about that gifted perfume that you meant to use everyday but is hidden in a pile of bathroom counter mess? Hashtag: alamna! There’s an easy way to conquer clutter in your bathroom vanity and budoir: use a lazy Susan tray!


This is simple yet life-changing once you apply it. In fact, it’s the only thing I’ve ever tried that gets my teenage daughter and me to use all of our skin care products and makeup. It also gets my husband to put his grooming supplies away after use. I just put a lazy Susan vanity tray on top of our sink and budoir. Somehow, when neatly grouped on a rotating tray, even the most humble of beauty products look dignified and fancy. And nothing beats not having random pots and bottles scattered across the counter all the time.


Let’s face it, spinning things is fun—and this has to be one of the best-ever ways to maximize a small space.


No more digging through random boxes of products!


It’s P599.75 each in SM Home and I suggest to buy at least two. You’ll thank me for it!

I initially bought three lazy Susan trays in SM Home last year and I got more during the weekend. Can’t seem to get enough of it! I use them to organize my kitchen, refrigerator and china closet.

You’re welcome!


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