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This particular dinner party deserves a blog post:

Tom and I have been entertaining friends at home the last few months. We finally opened the doors to what my friends call “the elusive Maison Epperson”. Pasensya na, ngayon lang kami nagka coffee table! Haha!

The truth is, my intimate dinner parties were long overdue… as in 10 years overdue na! NKKLK! Now that our space looks decent, what better way to celebrate love, life, and friendships but through intimate gatherings at home?

The fun starts now!

Be my guests: Celebrity endorser, club owner, and eventologist, Tim Yap; Designer Jun Escario, SIR T-shirt designer & DJ Marc Gueco; Greenwich President, Francis Flores. (Photos via @OfficialTimYap & @MarcGueco)

Some guests bring wine and flowers as tokens of appreciation for the host. Fashion designer Jun Escario brings… Art!

(Photo taken using Instagam)

According to Jun, he was inspired by this photo that I posted on Instagram during Philippine Fashion Week:

(Photo taken using Instagam)

OMG! Grabe naman, Jun-Jun!

The painting is breathtaking! I love the muted colors and the textures. I can see Jun’s passion in every brush stroke that’s imbedded in the canvass. Though, I can’t look at it too long as I get emotional. I don’t deserve this amazing artwork.

Ako na ang muse! Haha!

Jun Escario is not only an accomplished designer but also a talented painter.

Check out Jun’s interpretation of my McQueen shoes!

Hi beautiful! CHOZ!

Art + Fashion

The little black dress has really become my signature outfit. Even the pose is uncanny! Bravo, Jun!

Haba lang ng legs ko dito!

Truth be told, I’ve always wanted a sketch/painting done by fashion designers. I mean, who better to capture me than my peers in the industry, right? Now, my dream has come true!

From the bottom of my McQueens, thank you Jun Escario for this beautiful gift! It’s pure love! You are truly an artist and an awesome friend. I love you!

Thanks also to Francis, Marc, and Tim for the love and libations! You guys rock! Round 2 soon!

I’m gonna pop this Dom Perignon on my birthday… Soon!


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