It’s All About Presentation

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Everyday food can be made to look like gourmet meals with a little bit of effort. It’s all about how you present it.

Mindset: “A” for ayffort!

Simple BBQ at home

When the going gets tough, the tough cooks simple food. Nothing is more basic than marinated grilled chicken.

Ingredients: Soy sauce (or for a healthier choice, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (available at Healthy Options). It tastes like real soy sauce with less sodium.) + Calamansi + Olive oil + Pepper

Sidings: Steamed corn on the cob

Gravy: Making gravy from scratch is delicious and super easy! Your primary ingredient is the pan drippings from the grilled chicken. Don’t let those juices go to waste in favor of some processed packet of powder meant to simulate what you’ve already got sitting in the bottom of your roasting pan already.

Easy peasy: In medium heat, add 1/2 a cup of white wine (you can used red wine too) and 1/4 cup of diluted flour in water to the pan drippings and whisk it to submission! Add salt and pepper to taste.

Rock the gravy boat! Serve the gravy in a saucière

This is how I do it! The three C’s of BBQ made special: Chicken, corn, and chaffing dish

Chinese food takeout

For as much as my family and I enjoy cooking at home, we also like ordering takeout food especially on lazy weekend nights.

I wish North Park packaged their takeout food in cute Chinese takeout boxes. It would be a more stylish takeout dinner party with those kyoot boxes!

Luxury is eating takeout food on your best fine china.

I was going to serve the delivered food in our chaffing dishes but no one volunteered to wash the dishes so… Talo-talo na! Haha!

Lazy weekend at La “Maison Epperson”.

(Photo taken using Instagram)

Afternoon tea

After feeling overworked the past few months, I told myself that I’m going to have more ‘me’ time from now on to keep me sane. At the end of the day, it’s about working and enjoying the fruits of your labor at the same time. Balance is key.

Tea time at home is usually with my daughter. This time, tea time is also ‘me’ time.

(Photo taken using Instagram)

Brunch and homemade biscuits

I would say that next to our signature Epperson pancakes, my homemade biscuits are on top of the most requested Sunday brunch food at La “Maison Epperson”.

(Photo taken using Instagram)

Simple brunch menu + Fun picnic style table setting = Sunday fun machine!

(Photo taken using Instagram)

Candles and fresh fresh flowers (small floral arrangements) are affordable decorations. They make all the difference in your tablescape and in creating a warm ambiance.

Homemade brunch, check. Happy Sunday, check.

(Photo taken using Instagram)

Homestyle Thai food from the market

Saturday mornings is all about Salcedo Market.

We buy fresh flowers, produce and check out the food feté at the market. Our new favorite stall is Azuthai by Chef J. Gamboa. Below are some of the Thai goodness we bought from them.

(Photo taken using Instagram)

Me: “Guys, can I take your photos? I want to blog about Azuthai.”
Tom: “We’re sick.”
Aryanna: “Yeah, mom. I don’t feel like posing.”
Me: “C’mon! You guys don’t have to pose.”
Tom and Aryanna: *whispering to each other*
Me: “Pfft. *rolls eyeballs* C’mon! Ready… 1… 2… 3…”

(Photo taken using Instagram)

When it comes to entertaining at home, make every detail special. Also, try to always dazzle your family with your hosting and cooking skills. If you can’t impress them, you’ll be hard pressed to impress your guests.

For more entertaining at home tips and ideas, grab a copy of my book Fashion + Food: Entertaining at Home in Style available at National Book Store and Powerbooks. You can also order it online:

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