Is It Just Me Or Has Instagram Become Boring?

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It took me a while before I decided on the title of this blog post because I had to analyze how I really felt about Instagram and if it would affect possible collaborations with clients. Then I quickly realize, who cares? First of all, just because I feel this way now doesn’t mean that my feelings are permanent. Who knows, maybe in a few days or weeks I’ll feel excited again? Secondly, I believe that brands are smart and, now more than ever, they appreciate authenticity and honesty. So there. Yeah, I think Instagram has become boring.

Don’t get me wrong, the app itself is wonderful! Creative photos and the engagements I get from my community are my favorite parts; they literally invented Instagram for people like me. I’m not bored of the app, long live IG! What I’m bored of is the “brand-centric” content. I get it, me of all people, know the financial rewards when working with sponsors or making content to position our personal brands to be ideal for clients. Nothing wrong with that but I also I feel desensitized.

This is not the first time I felt this way in my life, I get these roller coasters of emotions of excitement and boredom. I believe it’s common, especially for a creative person like me. It sucks because it’s not always a good feeling. I wish I was more inspired in posting on my feed but it’s almost been a month since I uploaded a photo on Instagram. But if there’s anything I learned as I got older is that it’s OK to feel this way. And that I don’t need to get motivated to get back in the game, especially when I feel that the game has changed. I realized that after being a prolific content creator for more than a decade, maybe it’s time to play a different game or at least asses my game plan.

If there’s one thing I do get excited about is change. I get a kick out of conceptualizing new ventures, doing different strategies and making bold moves. I’m not exactly sure what they are at this moment but what I do know is that I’m at a crossroad in my life and whatever path I take it will be the best one for me.


What I do LOVE is posting on IG Stories. I upload stories daily as I feel it’s more real, authentic and super fun! You can follow my everyday antics and I like engaging with all of you through polls, ‘Questions’ and replying to your DM’s (sorry if I can’t reply to all as sometimes there are too many but I do try my best).

Has anyone felt this way? What kind of IG posts bring you joy?

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