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Like what I mentioned before, 2012 is all about playing “bahay-bahayan” — decluttering and upgrading our space.

These new programs from School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA) Interior Design couldn’t have come at a better time:

The SoFA Design Institute expands its reach beyond fashion because even your living spaces should be an expression of your creativity and style!

Programs starting January 2012

1) Basic Interior Decoration Course
The knowledge of interior decoration–stripped down to the basic!
Learn to give warmth in an albeit empty space by using the basics of interior decoration. Designed specifically for people who wishes to enhance their interior knowledge, working professionals interested in getting into the craft and suppliers or contractors looking for creative ways to apply decorative finishes.

2) Understanding Color for Interior Spaces
Applying color to your space is a craft–from proper mixing, to combination of color to applying in your palette. A bit of color, as they say, can go a long way–understanding color for interior spaces might just be that added thing needed to improve your empty space!

3) Illustration for Interior Spaces
Creating floor plans and drawing two-dimensional forms needs not be complicated! Created specifically for people with no prior knowledge in illustration, this course aims to teach the stripped down basic in drawing interior spaces.

4) Study of Interior Finishes & Materials
The use of materials is endless if you know how twist and bend it! This particular course aims to introduce its history, installation and use. Included as well are the techniques on how they can be decorated from its simplest to most avant-garde form.

Contact details: SoFA Design Institute, Ground Floor Enzo Building, Buendia Ave. Makati City. (632) 4784611 Visit their website:

Shopingero/shopingera, enroll now!

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