I Miss You, Mom!

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Being on “Me” Time is a double-edged sword — you love being away from the racket at home but you also miss the ones who create them. It’s only been a day and I miss my family already.

I called Tom yesterday after lunch to speak to Dylan but he was napping. I told him to just take photos of our son when he wakes up as I miss him.

The perks of being married to a photographer is that when you ask him to take a photo, he creates stunning images:

My bed-head boy

Meet One-eyed Pete, he is also four years old and Dylan’s first-ever stuffed toy. It was a gift from his sister Aryanna. We don’t know what happened to one of his eyes (no, Dylan did not choke on it) but according to Dylan, the “crocodile” bit it off Pete’s face. Oh, boy.

I miss you, dahling!

Photography by Tom Epperson

When Dylan finally woke up, he called me:

Dylan: Mom! Where are you?
Me: I’m at the beach. Remember I told you I am on vacation.
Dylan: At the beach? Come home, mom!
Me: I’ll be home soon. Don’t be pasaway, OK?
Dylan: I miss you, mom! Come home!
Me: Aww… I miss you too! I promise to come home soon.
Dylan: But I miss you! Come home, mom!
Tom: (in the background) Hurry up buddy, time to go to the park!
Dylan: *giddy* Bye, mom! Dad and I are going now to the park! *turns off the mobile phone*
Me: OK! I love you, Dylan! Dylan… Dylan…

Photography by Tom Epperson

Everything is normal at home even without mom. Thank God and thanks to Tom.

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