‘Plato-platuhan’: Hula Hoop

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Corelle, the trusted and world-leading dinnerware brand launched it’s newest collection: Hula Hoop

Corelle Hula Hoop is a colorful play of bold and bright bubbles of appetizing red, orange, blue and green that is sure to transform every meal into sunny, pleasurable dining. The contemporary design and the contrasting hues can spark up any rather ordinary table top, giving you a high-impact table setting that is sure to impress your loved ones and your guests.

Perfect for Sunday brunch!

Corelle Hula Hoop’s brilliant splash of colors is available in a variety of shapes and sizes that fit your lifestyle and needs. Its pristine white landscape blends perfectly with other table setting scheme and flatters every culinary work of art.

Corelle rocks: Thin, stackable and oven, microwave and dishwasher safe, Corelle Hula Hoop is also perfect for modern ladies and young households—deliberately designed for convenience.

Love it: Hula Hoop also features the signature Vitrelle glass of Corelle dinnerware in a three-layered sandwich construction, making it lightweight yet resistant to breaking, chipping and cracking. Its non-porous surface also resists bacteria, stains and odours, making it a healthy and safe dinnerware to serve your family and loved ones’ favorite dishes.

Dylan: What are you doing, mom?
Me: Taking photos for my blog. Don’t touch the bread.
Dylan: OK… What are you doing, mom?
Me: I said, I’m shooting.
Dylan: Can I have the chocolate bread?
Me: It’s called Pain Au Chocolat.
Dylan: Oh… Chocolate bread!
Me: I’m shooting…
Dylan: I’ll count! One, two… *grabs the bread*

Haaaay Dylan!

Corelle Hula Hoop is available at all Raffles branches and via Independent Distributors nationwide and at Kitchen World, Eastwood Mall. It comes with a one-year warranty from thermal breakage. For more details, call (+632) 687-4715 to 16 local 33 or 34, send SMS to 0999-8254-838. Raffles and Company, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of world renowned houseware brands—CORELLE, CORNINGWARE, VISIONS and PYREX.

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