How To Pack Light For 3 To 5-Day Trips + Giveaway Alert

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I’ve had my share of excess baggage situation where I paid a ridiculous amount of money which haunts me to this day. After that experience, I quickly learned how to pack smarter and lighter.


These days, I consider myself a light packer. In fact, during my last trip to Taiwan, my luggage was 4 kg. underweight despite my shopping spree #paano! For 3 to 5-day trips, my rule is to pack my suitcases only half of their capacity/weight to leave room for my travel haul and avoid excess baggage fees—horrors!!! And if you’re not much of a shopper, consider packing light anyway for convenience and ease. Besides, we all need space for the pasalubong (gifts).

Allow me to share with you some of my tried and tested packing tips. Let’s start!


Pack complete ensembles – As a stylist, putting together ensembles is fun. Packing complete outfits to wear for each day eliminates stress plus, you are guaranteed to look put together when traveling. You can repeat bottoms and jackets/coats but always complete the looks. My issue with packing mix & match outfits is that there is pressure in choosing what items to mix and match and you also end up with unnecessary clothes. I mean obviously, bringing options is always a good idea but what works for me is planning my outfits for each day or for each event. Sometimes, I will pack extras if I don’t know my itinerary but most of the time, I decide on what outfits I want to wear for the daytime and nighttime and stick to them. It’s just like choosing your outfits on a daily basis. When it comes to packing, be decisive because options are for the weak—haha! You can have too many options, and the problems (aka excess baggage fees) only start there.

Tip: Using your phone, take photos of your ensembles like you would for a mood board and save it in your photo gallery. It’s convenient and stress-free to have them when changing especially, in the morning when you have to rush off to your daily destinations.


Yosi Samra flats are my favorite foldable flats for traveling and everyday wear. This glittery pair is my insta-glam shoes for parties and to balance off my casual attire when on vacation.

3-shoe rule – I know what some of you are thinking: ONLY 3 PAIRS?!!! Unless you are traveling to attend a fashion event or a photo shoot, 3 pairs of shoes (INCLUDING the pair you are wearing on the plane) for a 3 to 5-day trip should be suffice. Shoes in general are heavy and bulky and take up a lot of space in your suitcase HOWEVER (yes, may however, haha), you can add one pair of foldable flats and/or slippers as you can easily chuck them in your handbag. OK, technically, you have 4 pairs of footwear. That’s plenty. Remember, if you’re shopping for shoes anyway consider your purchases extra weight in your baggage.


Go mini – I know of some people who cannot travel without their beauty essentials which is probably in giant containers. Buy mini pods and bottles (each liquid in your carry-on bags must be in a bottle or container with a maximum volume of 3.4 oz. You cannot carry on larger containers, even if they are mostly empty) for your travel kit and even if there is no bottle volume limit for liquids inside your checked baggage it will save you some space/weight in your suitcase.


1-magazine or 1-book rule – I used to be notorious for packing books and magazines when traveling and 90% of the time I don’t get to read them. Reading materials are heavy so unless I’m traveling to specifically unwind at the beach or in a hotel, I only bring one reading material on the plane. I do shop for some magazines and books in the airport during my return flight. I just hand carry them or put them in my bag and carry-on suitcase. Most of the time, I just purchase digital magazines/books online for convenience.

Use cases and pouches – Learn to compartmentalize. Not only will it organize your suitcase, looking for stuff is a breeze when you don’t have time to unpack and live in your luggage during your trips.


Delsey (a French company which manufactures luggage and travel accessories) “Segur” is a tough, flexible and innovative suitcase for the seasoned traveler. Made from 100% polycarbonate and with a ribbed shell, Segur has shape memory with reinforced solidity. Secured with a TSA combination lock and with four double silent-running wheels.

Choose lightweight or expandable luggage- Don’t let the your suitcase eat up the weight of your baggage allowance.


Detachable and washable suitcase lining FTW!

Best feature: The interior lining of the Delsey Segur is completely removable and machine washable! A real innovation.


Giveaway Alert

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Try my tips on your next sojourn and I promise that you will feel liberated plus, free from excess baggage fees!

You’re welcoooooome!

Delsey is available at Glorietta 4, SM Davao, The Travel Club Stores Nationwide, SM, Landmark, Robinsons, Duty Free and other leading department stores nationwide.

This post is in partnership with Delsey. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you so much for supporting collaborations that have kept’s doors open. I appreciate it.

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