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Finally, a Fuji Instax Mini for adults!

Remember the Instax Mini 7S we gave Aryanna for Christmas? Tom and I have been borrowing her camera ever since. We like shooting with it but the look of the camera is quite kiddie for us.

This time, the newest Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic has a retro feel plus, more added features to boot. Cool.

The main features include Macro setting, Double exposure, Self-timer, High performance flash and assorted modes. You can read how to use the features and modes here.

Hallelujah for the rechargeable battery!

Same Instax Mini Instant film

There are so many cute instant films for the Instax Mini!

I brought my new toy to a dinner party with Scott Schumann of the famed blog The Sartorialist (watch out for my blog post on this). I had my photo taken with The Sartorialist and he autographed it. Yay!

With the added feature comes a hefty price. This camera costs almost twice as much as the Instax 7s. The Fuji Neo Classic is around P8,990-P9,990 depending on where you buy it.

Overall, the new Fuji Neo Classic is a fun camera to have. The quality is mediocre but I like it because the images look vintage and nostalgic.

The Eppersons have been shooting with our Instax for a family project and it’s been a blast so far!

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