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During the holiday season, the Christmas tree is the shining centerpiece of our home.

I will admit that I change the theme of our Christmas tree every year. There is something exciting and creative about holiday decorating plus, my family gets a kick out of our changing holiday trimmings every year. I also dedicate the theme of our tree to different members of the family every year. This year, the theme is Santa Claus, which I dedicated to my 6-year old son Dylan as this might be the last year before he finds out about Santa’s double life (wink, wink), haha!!

I shopped for all our Christmas decor in SM Home. I felt like I’ve hit the jackpot because they had all the trimmings and our dream Christmas tree! Shopping in a one-stop-shop like SM Home saved me time, money and my sanity from the holiday stress.


I found some Santa dolls with climbing ropes in SM Home. They are so adorable—it’s like the Santa Clauses are racing to go up our Christmas tree!


I also incorporated some oriental-themed holiday balls, snowflake orbs, giant burgundy blooms, pine cones and holly boughs for elegance.


My family has used the same white Christmas tree for the last five years. This year, I decided to change not just the ornaments but the tree itself. Since moving to our new house, we have to space to accommodate a larger tree. I got a 15-ft. artificial evergreen tree which is well proportioned to our high ceiling. I also found a tree with good floor clearance to wedge all our gifts. My children are over the moon with our new tree!


I skipped the star topper this year and just used the holly stems on top instead. Our new Christmas tree looks full, fat and festive just like Santa!


More than the new tree and trimmings what I love most is the time we spent decorating as a family.

Merry Christmas everyone!

This post is in partnership with SM Home. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you so much for supporting collaborations that have kept’s doors open. I appreciate it.

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  1. I miss your updates on “Maison Epperson”
    I found myself back reading post on your condo-decors and whatnots…

    Been a Huge fan since I stumble on your blog a couple of years back

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